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   Chapter 1513 The Disciples Of The Blood Moon Sect

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A group of people flew towards the mountain where the disciples of the Flame Holy Land were staying. The team was comprised of about two hundred members.

Three seemed to be the leaders and were flying ahead of their team members.

Two were very handsome men, and one was an attractive maiden with fair skin and a mole near her lips.

The three of them wore identical jade pendant around their waists. On the crescent-shaped pendant, carved in gold were the words: Blood Moon Sect.

'They are from the Blood Moon Sect!' fifty disciples from the Flame Holy Land thought among themselves.

The Blood Moon Sect was one of the third-class sects in the East Mainland.

As for the cultivation base of the disciples from Blood Moon Sect, eighteen had reached the Emperor Realm; fifteen of them were at the preliminary stage and three were at the medium stage.

The rest were scattered at the Semi-emperor Realm, Holy Realm or Semi-holy Realm.

Soon, the three disciples of the Blood Moon Sect flying in front landed before the members of the Flame Holy Land.

"Hey, which sect are you from?" a young man with beard asked in an arrogant manner. His left hand was on his waist while his right hand pointed at the three disciples.

"This one-grade superior herb—indigo dragon vein is at least four to five hundred years old. It is as valuable as a two-grade superior herb. This is great. What a good day! This precious superior herb will be ours!"

the pretty girl with a mole gushed, as she admired the indigo dragon vein.

Rahul took a step forward.

"We're the disciples of the Shiny Sect from the Dawning Kingdom," he replied with raised eyebrows, cupping his hands.

He knew that the disciples of the Blood Moon Sect meant no good. 'They must have come here for the indigo dragon vein, ' he figured, thinking of what he should do with them.

"Shiny Sect?

I see. It is a sect in the Dawning Kingdom. I remember this is a fourth-class or fifth-class sect," the young man remarked. There was arrogance in his voice as he put emphasis on the words fourth-class.

He studied Rahul and his comrades with obvious contempt in his eyes.

"Really? A fourth-class or fifth-class sect? Get them out of here. Don't slow us down!"

the girl with a mole said, disgust reflecting in her face.

The other disciples of the Blood Moon Sect looked at the people of the Flame Holy Land scornfully. They circled around them with a curious look on their faces.

Truth was, countless sects existed in the East Mainlan

ort man and the girl with a mole to join him.

As he spoke, he fixed his gaze on the silver trident in Rahul's hand. Greed mirrored in his eyes. He watched as the trident released powerful rays of light and how it made Rahul looked mighty and all-powerful.

The short young man and the beautiful girl with a mole made their way to the young men together. The three of them who were at the medium stage of Emperor Realm charged at Rahul all at once.

'This weapon is a mighty weapon?'

Austin observed Rahul's silver trident curiously. He watched how easily it killed Rahul's enemy and how it could strike more than one opponent at a time.

With his powerful weapon, Rahul had no difficulty dealing with three Emperor Realm masters of the medium stage.

As Austin watched Rahul fighting with his opponents, a Blood Moon Sect disciple who was at the premium stage of Holy Realm eyed Austin and made a run towards him.

"Hah! I found a loser at the medium stage of Semi-holy Realm. Go to hell!" the disciple of the Blood Moon Sect shouted.

Austin activated the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship right away, and a misty sword-light hit the Holy Realm cultivator of the premium stage from the Blood Moon Sect and it cut him into half.

"Damn it! These disciples from the third-class sect dare to terrorize my companions. I'm going to wipe them out!" Austin said furiously.

Even though he had not joined the Flame Holy Land for a long time, he considered himself part of it and treated other disciples of the Flame Holy Land as his family. The people on the field were his friends. He would never let anyone speak ill of the Flame Holy Land or hurt his companions.

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