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   Chapter 1512 The Indigo Dragon Vine

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When the disciples of the three holy lands were out of sight, the disciples from other sects began cursing them out of anger.

They were displeased with Trey's arrangement but they didn't have the audacity to defy him. After all, he was from Vasteras Holy Land—one of the three holy lands.

The disciples of the three holy lands were talents in the East Mainland.

Besides, the three holy lands provided a great number of high-grade formulas and martial skills for their disciples.

The disciples of the three holy lands were fortunate enough to get more cultivation resources than those who were from the other sects in the East Mainland.

As a result, the disciples of the three holy lands were stronger than the disciples of other sects.

Trey of the Vasteras Holy Land, for example, had reached the premium stage of Emperor Realm. He also mastered level two blade enlightening. When he took out Reed who was at the medium stage of Emperor Realm, the rest of the sects were scared to death.

In the middle of their murmurings, an enticing woman appeared out of the blue. It was her chuckle that caught the disciples' attention.

Out of surprise and curiosity, they all laid their eyes on her. Some were even wide-eyed because of the jaw-dropping sight in front of them.

The woman was tall and in her early twenties.

She was wearing a black silk dress that showcased her voluptuous figure.

She was blessed with fine features. Her wine-colored lips were eye-catching; her skin was supple and creamy as a baby, and her luscious hips could make every man glue his eyes on her.

She was such an enchanting creature that anyone would be mesmerized.

All the male disciples swallowed hard.

"Cool down, guys. The game has just begun." There came her sweet voice.

"We all know that being the disciples of the three holy lands, they can do whatever they want outside. But don't forget that they are currently in this forbidden valley. Things are different here," she added.

"If they get injured or killed here, the leaders of the three holy lands can't blame any of us,"

the woman continued explaining.

The disciples were listening intently to her.

Since no one from them spoke up, she continued.

"The three holy lands have only several hundreds o

ist! I found the indigo dragon vine," a girl gushed.

The other cultivators looked up to see who screamed.

Then they saw a woman in her early twenties flying towards a huge rock.

She was a dynamic woman with a beautiful face and rosy lips.

A few seconds later, she landed on the top of the rock where the vine grew.

The indigo vine neither had leaves nor flowers. It was bigger than an adult's thumb and it coiled like a dragon.

It was a first-grade superior herb.

The indigo dragon vine belonged to the superior herb. It was more valuable than the common herbs.

"Ha-ha! You're so lucky, Zoe. You found a superior herb."

The other disciples of the Flame Holy Land were envious of her.

Everyone knew that the higher the herbs they collected, the more rewards they would get. That was why they all wanted to get a superior herb.

Austin observed the indigo dragon vine with great interest.

In the Prime Martial World, the most precious herbs he had seen were the tenth-grade herbs.

This was the first time that he came across a superior herb.

That was why he was quite interested in it.

Austin knew Zoe Lin whose cultivation base was at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

"Young lady, stop if you don't want to die!"

An unscrupulous male voice reverberated just as Zoe was about to pick the indigo dragon vine.

Upon hearing the man's voice, the other disciples of the Flame Holy Land got pissed off. They all together turned to the direction where the voice came from.

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