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   Chapter 1511 Making The Rule

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They stopped when they saw in front of them the endless hectares of primeval forests. Towering ancient trees obscured the sunlight from above, making the Wild Herb Valley similar to some place from the archaic civilization.

It was filled with spiritual energy, spiraling around the vegetation.

The entrance was unkempt. The vines, thorns, and wild plants surrounded it, making it seemed like a secluded area which had not been visited by any human for thousands of years.

While Austin was marveling at the spectacular sight of the entrance, other disciples from different sect had already marched into the forest. They cut the wild vines in their way.

Austin reckoned that there were about a total eight thousand warriors who came to this valley with them.

After entering the forest, all the warriors gathered together with their sect members. It was obvious that they were keeping the distance from other sects. Tension from different sect weren't avoided, and they stared at each other, all alert.

Under the leadership of a disciple called Rahul, there were about fifty members from the Flame Holy Land who also kept a certain distance from other sect. This was their way to avoid being raided.

There was a flare-up of tension between different sects.

''Everyone, may I have your attention, please?'' a voice said.

Just at this moment, a young man in purple robe from the Arcane Holy Land spoke up. He was at his late-twenties, had a full forehead, Roman nose, and high magnitude of vital energy, which added to his sense of superiority.

He was at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

''I believe," he started, "we are all well aware of the fact that conflicts will inevitably occur in the process of collecting herbs. That, of course, is not our intention. We have all come here to collect the precious herbs, and not to pick up a fight.

We have already discussed this problem before on behalf of the Arcane Holy Land, the Vasteras Holy Land, and the Rudimentary Holy Land.

To avoid such chaotic situation, we decided in agreement to make some rules for everyone and follow our instructions."

People were in whispers as soon as he paused.

'What rules?' they wondered.

The other disciples were also confused by his words.

''We all know here that the Wild Herb Valley can be divided into three areas: the inner areas, the middle areas, and the outer areas.

They are all separate and so are we.

So we decided, just at this moment, that different sect should collect herbs from different areas.

To be more specific, the disciples from the three holy lands will collect herbs in the inner areas of the forest.

Meanwhile, the disciples from first-rate sect and second-rate sect will collect herbs in the middle areas.

Lastly, for th

. "I-I think I know him. H-He's Trey, a genius from the Vasteras Holy Land! It is said that he has already grasped level two enlightening power of blade. He also ranked top ten among all their outer disciples.''

His teeth were chattering in fear, so as the other disciples.

''Okay!" Trey cleared his throat. "We have already announced the only rule for all of you, right? You don't want to cross with us. Or else..." He looked down at the man from middle the sect, or what was left of him, with smirk on his face, then at the crowd.

He liked it when they feared him. So, with authority, he added, "Lesson number one. Never be too greedy and covet the things which are beyond your abilities. You'd better take my piece of advice.

From now on, if other disciples dare enter the inner areas, no mercy will be shown, understood? This conversation is over.

We'd better get going," he ended.

Trey turned around and headed to the inner areas with his team from the Vasteras Holy Land.

Together with the team members of the Arcane Holy Land and the Rudimentary Holy Land, they all swarmed into the inner areas.

Before they left, they cast an eye of warning upon the rest of the disciples and laughed.

''Damn it!" one man from the lower sect reacted. "How dare they insult us like that and they take possession of all the valuable herbs in the inner areas!''

''The rule is just good for themselves. It's unfair for us!''

After the disciples of the three holy lands disappeared, the disciples from other sects began swearing and shouting in exasperation.

''Fuck!" another one said. "They are too cocky and overbearing!''

Looking at the place where the disciples of the three holy lands disappeared, Austin, who was silently observing everyone, also felt a sense of disgust for the behaviors of the members of the three holy lands.

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