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   Chapter 1510 Enter The Wild Herb Valley

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8118

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Above the platform, the dragon-shaped warships, the ancient chariots, and the monstrous beasts were all separately suspended in the air. All of them looked dignified, completely displaying the power and prestige of the Three Holy Lands.


Suddenly, a nonchalant but majestic voice rang out in the air.

"It is said that this time, the Flame Holy Land is very likely to send its disciples to the Wild Herb Valley to participate in the herb collection. I don't know if they have arrived yet."

A man, who was about thirty-five years old, slowly walked out from one of the chariots of the Vasteras Holy Land. His oddly long blonde hair flowed smoothly, and his body, which glowed with mighty and robust pressure, made him look like a sun god.

He was followed by more than two hundred disciples, each of whom was a young cultivator. They all held their heads up, looking so domineering as if they were the most superior ones around.

"Oh? Sebastian, if what you said is true about the disciples of Flame Holy Land really joining the herb collection, I believe that the upcoming journey will be much more exciting this time."

Meanwhile, in the group of the Arcane Holy Land, a man clad in white robes walked out. His body glowed with a touch of rosy light, and his temperament looked so unworldly. He seemed so vigorous and robust as if he could cut through all things with those sharp eyes as cold as the stars in the night.

Behind him stood two or three hundred young disciples of the Arcane Holy Land in a straight line. Judging from their long and steady breathing, they were unquestionably strong and talented warriors with outstanding record and performance.


If those bastards from the Flame Holy Land dare to get out, the disciples of our Arcane Holy Land will teach them a good lesson!

However, I don't believe that Mad Old Man is willing to let his disciples take such a risk."

Suddenly, a tall, big, and beefy man from the Rudimentary Holy Land stepped out. He had thick eyebrows and ferocious, bloodthirsty eyes like that of a leopard's. His tenacious and muscular body, which exuded a horrible aura, was unmatched by any other warriors.

Behind this brawny man were also two or three hundred disciples who bore extraordinary and unyielding spirits.

"Oh, are the disciples of the Flame Holy Land going to participate in the herb collection this time?

I just can't beli

he crowd also activated their bodily movement skills and flew toward the valley.

Meanwhile, Austin calmly stayed at the end of the crowd, moving rather slowly as if he was not in a hurry.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

Along the way, the densely-crowded figures rushed to pass the channel.

As they were passing through the entrance, they all felt that the place had a layer of airflow barrier that spread around like undulating waves.

Once their bodies passed through the airflow barrier, an intricate and obscure feeling––much like losing access to oxygen––enveloped them. It was as if they were entering deep into the ocean.

Everyone was prompted to immediately exert a little effort and power to cross the barrier.

Austin guessed that it must be enchantment deployed by an ancient master––a kind of challenge to cultivators to test their abilities.

Only warriors with or below the strength of the Emperor Realm could pass through this and enter the valley.

If a warrior, whose strength was either above or exactly at the Bitter Sea Realm, wanted to walk through this barrier by force, it would trigger some sort of mechanism hidden in the valley. Once that happened, it would eventually shut the Wild Herb Valley.

As for Austin, he moved through the barrier with ease; however, after a while, his vision suddenly blurred.

That was the only difficulty he encountered because, after a couple of seconds, he managed to stand firm and still.

'Alas! I'm inside the legendary valley!' Austin thought to himself as he looked around, stunned, and overwhelmed at what welcomed his sight.

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