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   Chapter 1509 Reaching The Platform

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With a low sound, a black light landed on the square. Everyone turned their attention to the newcomer.

He was an elder in an elegant black robe. He had a mysterious aura. No one present could see through his real cultivation base.

Austin speculated that the elder was as strong as Elder Brendan.

"This is Elder Damian. Elder Damian and I will be in charge of this mission.

We'll wait outside the Wild Herb Valley.

After a month, we'll bring you back," Steward Nolan explained as he introduced the elder who just arrived.

"Elder Damian," over fifty disciples greeted.

Most of them bowed their heads a little to show respect to the elder.

There were three elders in the base of the Flame Holy Land: Elder Brendan, Elder Leder, and Elder Damian.

"You're all brave kids. When the mission is over, we'll give you bountiful rewards.

But before we set out, I need to tell you something first.

You'll enter the Wild Herb Valley as the disciple of another sect, not the Flame Holy Land.

That sect is called the Shiny Sect.

So don't tell others you're from the Flame Holy Land. If people ask you, you tell them you're disciples of the Shiny Sect.

I guess you know why we've made such a decision. Many top sects in the East Mainland hate to see us rebuild our Flame Holy Land, the three holy lands in particular.

Once those disciples from those sects know you're from our sect, they might work together to attack you in the valley.

At least several thousand disciples of other sects will enter the Herb Valley this time, I guess.

If they find out about your identity, you'll be in grave trouble," Elder Damian said.

His voice lingered with a warning.

Upon hearing this, all the disciples including Austin got angry.

'These top sect leaders have gone too far!

We are the disciples of the Flame Holy Land, but we can't even tell others who we are when we go outside. What's more, we will have to pretend to be disciples from another sect.

Damn it!' the disciples thought furiously.

"Our sect is still expanding.

When our sect becomes stronger, you can tell others that you're from our sect proudly.

All right, that's it.

Let's go," Elder Damian tried to comfort the disciples.

With a wave of his hand, a beast's skeleton appeared out of nowhere. Its

re. There, they saw many young men standing on the ship confidently.

The cultivators who stood on the ship looked down at the cultivators on the ground with contempt and arrogance spewing out of their eyes.

It was evident that they despised those people on the platform below.

The three holy lands played an important role in the East Mainland.

Most disciples from the three holy lands believed that they were superior to those disciples from other sects. They acted arrogantly because they thought lowly of these people from other sects.

Moments later, another voice cut through the air. "Come on!"

A dozen ancient chariots made of copper appeared from the sky. People stared at the sky again.

"People of the Rudimentary Holy Land are coming!"

one on the platform said in a low voice.

Like the warship, the chariots stayed levitating above the platform. The cultivators in the chariots also showed disdain towards the people on the platform.

Obviously, they were sick of degrading themselves by staying with them.

Soon after, monstrous beasts growling could be heard.

More than ten monstrous beasts ran towards the area where Austin rested. Each magnificent coach was pulled by two monstrous beasts. In a blink of an eye, those beasts halted above the platform.

"People of the Vasteras Holy Land are here!"

Austin narrowed his eyes at those fearsome monstrous beasts. He scanned the platform and stared at the three groups who had just arrived.

'The disciples of the three holy lands are all here.'

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