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   Chapter 1507 Three Kinds Of Powerful Martial Arts (Part Two)

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After some more hugs and honeyed words with Caroline, Austin retreated back into his own hovel. It was time to cultivate.

He sat down cross-legged in the middle of the room, and brought out three jade slips. They talked about three forms of martial arts.

He had sifted through all possible jade slips in the library back at the base and had selected these three at last. Although he had put a cursory glance over them, he was still not sure whether he had made the right choice or not, and wanted to know if he had.

The first one of these was a fist skill, called the Mysterious Dragon Fist.

The second one was a swordsmanship--the Glorious Swordsmanship.

The third one was a body-refining formula, named the Grand Body Refining Skill.

While making his choices, Austin had been careful to pick martial arts from different categories and of various functions. He wanted to increase his arsenal in power, in range, and in function. Most of the skills he knew for the moment were not strong enough to help him win a fight.

The most powerful thing he knew was the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship and that was becoming old now.

What was more, his version of this swordsmanship was still incomplete. He could only practice the first half, but the second half was still unknown to him, which meant that there was no way for him to improve this skill any further.

There was an added problem. From his past experiences, he had discovered that the skill had reached its limit already. Having applied the skill in numerous battles, he had found that even at the peak capabilities of this swordsmanship, it was only enough to finish off a warrior below the Semi-emperor Realm. Anything more and there would be trouble.

The skill was far from enough for a warrior more powerful than that, especially to defeat those above the Emperor Realm.

And since this was the most powerful weapon among his arsenal, and it had reached its limit, so all the other skills he had, which were less impressive than this one, would obviously be of no use whatsoever.

This meant that he was in desperate need of some new martial arts to equip himself with.

ith a lot of anticipation and began to explore it through his spiritual sense.

The Grand Body Refining Skill was of earth nature; it utilized the energy of the earth, and showed earth-like capabilities. This meant that its forte lay in its ability to withstand and shield the user from strikes.

Like most of the treasures and skills of earth nature, it was made for defensive purposes.

When a warrior had mastered it, he could use it to form a thick and resilient armor of earth on the surface of his body. That armor would get enhanced even further when the runes of the gods of earth, which were embedded on it, shone. It was powerful enough to withstand even the most violent of strikes from one's enemies.

And finally, when a warrior had reached the top level of this formula, he could give off a kind of yellowish brown holy light, which would enhance his ability to attack, move, and inside him, enhance the very fabrics that made his flesh on a cellular level.

This meant that the warrior's physical capabilities alone would be boosted dozens of folds.

"Wow! This is crazy!"

Austin murmured in excitement. This beautiful piece of jade slip was making his blood boil. His physical strength was already formidable and he was proud of it. To think that it would get enhanced by a dozen times! Crazy!

"Damn it! This is certainly going to be one of my weapons soon. No kidding!" he rattled aloud with determination.

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