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   Chapter 1506 Three Kinds Of Powerful Martial Arts (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6948

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Austin didn't waste time anywhere. As soon as he was finished, he left the square and headed straight home. It wasn't exactly home, but it was a place where he and Caroline were staying for the time being. And even though it was a temporary abode, it was exactly where he wanted to be after a tiring battle. After all, he hadn't seen Caroline for a long time, and he really missed her.

It didn't take him long to get back to the hill, where everything felt familiar and warm as ever.

When he got to the door, then even before he could knock, Caroline rushed out to greet him. She threw herself into his arms delightfully, her long and perfect hair stroking his face, sending a beautifully cold sensation down his spine. Austin could also smell some kind of fragrance that was clinging to her whole body. It seemed to him as if this smell was unique to her.

Caroline buried her face into his chest, much like a little puppy nuzzling against its owner. She was no longer the queen of the evil shadow race who always seemed aloof, or someone who had to stand high above the masses in front of the man he loved. No. Now, she was an ordinary woman, albeit a love-struck one, who could enjoy the simple pleasures of life. She never condescended to anyone before, but now she could and would crave for Austin's embrace. She had become gentle and shy before him.

Austin was enjoying the moment as well. Smelling her fragrance and feeling her soft body, he couldn't help it and wrapped his arms around her waist, hugging her more tightly and bringing her in closer. He became a bit breathless upon feeling the lust growing inside him. It looked like he was aroused by her enchantment.

"Gee, you've made it to the medium stage of Semi-holy Realm, haven't you?"

Caroline suddenly exclaimed, as she withdrew her face from his chest and looked up at him with her big and clear eyes.

Austin chuckled, "Looks like I can't hide anything from you. You're right. I've made some progresses once again. It has something to do with the natural vessel of energy. Cultivation in that ar

ll, also the most common one, whose grades went from the first to the tenth.

Then came the superior pill, which also ranged from the first grade to the tenth grade.

Some stories said that there was a kind of pill that existed above the superior pill, known as the divine pill.

But so far, that was still a story. No one had ever seen a divine pill, at least not in the Prime Martial World, and Austin didn't think that even warriors of the Divine Continent would know what it was really like.

As for the Green Evil Pill they were talking about right now, that was a second-grade superior pill.

But even a second grade superior pill was beyond Austin's imagination, because he would still be unable to refine pills of such a high grade at the moment.

He did make a promise though, "I will keep the formula well, Caroline. As soon as I have made enough progresses to become a second grade superior pill refiner, I will make as many of these pills as possible for you and your people and help them with their cultivation. Are you okay with that?"

Austin asked, about to put the jade slip into his Space Ring.

Caroline nodded gently, pressing herself onto his chest once again after giving him a soppy, slavish look.

She didn't care what Austin did with the pill and the formula for now. She would agree readily with his decisions. Right now, she just wanted him.

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