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   Chapter 1505 The Wild Herb Valley

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"Don't worry. I have made people send messages to all the sects in the East Mainland.

If any of them dares to go against our disciples, we will send killers to hunt their disciples down and kill everyone related to them.

However, we will ignore the murders resulting from fights for benefits, when our disciples and theirs go out for adventures.

I hope I have made my message quite clear to them.

Their great cultivators of advanced realms can't target our disciples. As for the fighting between our disciples and theirs, we can't stop it from happening. It will be an adventure for them.

To rise again in the East Mainland, the Flame Holy Land has to train many disciples. We will need disciples who have endured and survived all kinds of tests and adventures.

The last thing we want is they live a protected life in the headquarters and their minds have never been troubled by the outer world. We don't want them to be ignorant of the sinister nature of human beings. This would be bad for the development and rise of our Flame Holy Land.

As for the causalities and injuries, don't let those trouble your mind any more. To grow up and become strong, they have to deal with those things sooner or later,"

the old man said slowly but firmly. He seemed to have already made up his mind.

"Elder Brendan, you're right!

I totally agree with every word you've just said,"

the middle-aged man replied as he nodded his head.

The other two men also nodded their heads in approval.

"In that case, issue a notice right now and call together all the disciples who haven't reached the Emperor Realm. They can volunteer to set off for the Wild Herb Valley and gather herbs,"

Elder Brendan announced loudly.

Before wasting any time, the message was sent out.

In the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land, all the disciples whose cultivation base was lesser than the Emperor Realm received the message, via their Contact Jade Slips.

The message soon reached inside the uttermost vital energy refining hall in the valley.

Thick mist of spiritual energy whistled across the space inside the hall, and then engulfed Austin completely. His whole body got submerged in the mist. A golden light came from it.

Inside the thick mist of spiritual energy, Austin was sitting quietly. He took the cross-legged position while his mind was concentrating on the cultivation.

The golden light turned into a ball above his head. Slowly it expanded and had a diameter of approximately ten meters. Such bright golden light was pouring out from the ball that no human eyes could look straight into it.

The violent torrents of vital energy were raging and rolling through his energy meridians. A rumbling noise could be he

even die.

Once inside the valley, you will come across disciples of all the sects from the East Mainland, small or big, including the three holy lands. The situation will get chaotic because so many cultivators and disciples are fighting for those limited resources.

Apart from that, some unknown dangers will be lurking in the valley. These may include but are not limited to ferocious monsters and beasts as well as some terrifying arrays and spells.

Based on what happened in the past, we fear that whenever the Wild Herb Valley opens, dreadful fighting will occur there.

Even today I remember the worst fighting I have ever witnessed. About ten thousand people entered the valley, but only three thousand survived till the last. Most of them died.

So, this herb-gathering mission is a dangerous and serious test for all of you,"

Steward Nolan said in a serious and concerned tone.

The prospect of bloody fights, casualties and the fear of the unknown enemy sent chills down the body of those disciples.

Some of them took a deep breath and were worried about their safety.

It was a fact that the mission had a death rate of 70%. Such a high rate wasn't something they could ignore.

"Alright then! I'm done with the introduction and explanation regarding the mission. You have one day to think over it. Then you can choose if you want to join this mission or not.

If you think you are too weak to get involved in bloody and gruesome fights and combats, I advise you not to set foot in the Wild Herb Valley.

It will only mean suicide for you,"

Steward Nolan added. As he had finished briefing them all about the mission, the crowd was dismissed. There were whispers heard as the disciples started moving. They had to think and make a decision if they wanted to take up the mission or not!

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