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   Chapter 1504 Dense Spiritual Energy

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6405

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Austin understood why they responded that way.

But since he had decided, he just smiled to himself and offered them no explanation.

'What else should I tell them? I can't tell them I have a vital energy stone, can I?'

Austin thought about it hard. There was no way he would let other people know that he had a priceless treasure—a vital energy stone.

He then walked quietly to a corner and sat down cross-legged. He focused his mind and spirit and started to cultivate.


A vapor formed by the spiritual energy surrounded Austin from all directions. He seemed to be floating on a cluster of clouds.

A strong spiritual energy penetrated every cell in his body. It entered every bone and muscle.

Austin felt that the spiritual energy entered his body even though he did not practice the Golden Sun Scripture.

"This brat is so arrogant,"

the thin man said in an angry tone.

A young man in purple reached Austin in a flash.

"We don't wish you evil will, boy. We asked you to leave for your sake. We don't want you to fall on your sword.

The spiritual energy here is too much for you to take. If you insist on cultivating here, you might explode and die,"

the man in purple admonished Austin.

"Thank you for your concern. Please don't worry. I know what I am doing," Austin replied politely.

He could tell that the people inside the palace meant him no evil will.

Austin closed his eyes and started the cultivation process.

"This is ridiculous. He does not understand what he's doing.

Young people are too arrogant nowadays. Everything is an adventure for them. They don't even know what they're doing.

He is putting his life at risk.

I think we should throw him out.

Otherwise Elder Brendan will blame us for doing nothing if anything happens to him,"

the thin man continued, glaring at Austin.

"Wait up.

I figured he is quite positive. He s

uld not concentrate on their own cultivation for the scene of Austin's transformation still bothered them.

At this point, Austin focused on cultivating.

The aggressive, pure spiritual energy continued to run through the energy meridians in his body.

The golden ball above his head grew bigger. It seemed to gain power of its own and was giving off flashes of lights in the air.

'Wow! It is great to cultivate in such a place with so much spiritual energy, ' Austin thought gladly.

Time passed by unknowingly to Austin.

He had no idea how many days had already passed since he started on his cultivation.

Meanwhile, four people sat together on a lavished hall somewhere outside the valley.

It was on the top of a towering mountain, within the base of the Flame Holy Land.

The old man who brought Austin back sat in the middle.

"Elder Brendan, have you decided to send our disciples to collect herbs in the Wild Herb Valley?"

a man about forty years old asked with a frown.

"Elder Brendan, some top sects from the East Mainland will be sending their disciples there to pick up herbs.

The other sect leaders of the East Mainland have their eyes on our inherited treasure.

What if they hurt our disciples?"

another elder asked, worried.

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