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   Chapter 1503 The Innermost Vital Energy Refining Hall

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Immense spiritual energy was inside the vital energy refining hall, and Austin's golden ball continuously absorbed it.

The enormous pure spiritual energy were sucked into the golden ball.

It grew bigger as it absorbed more spiritual energy and shone brightly like the sun as it illuminated through the whole hall.

Meanwhile, Austin's body greedily absorbed the immense spiritual energy around him.

It was his first time to absorb the spiritual energy so quickly when Austin practiced the Golden Sun Scripture.

The streaks of spiritual energy rapidly coursed through his body.

"What formula is he cultivating? How could he absorb the spiritual energy at such a terrifying speed?"

"I've never found a book or any writings about this vital energy refining skill in the library."

"Me neither. Looks like this formula is aggressive and formidable.

I'll ask him about this mysterious formula another time."

The disciples in the palace were astonished as they watched Austin's golden ball over his head.

They speculated that Austin had been recently recruited since they had never seen him before.

Time went by quickly.

Ten days had passed in a blink of an eye.

Austin spent all his time working on the Golden Sun Scripture for the past ten days.

The golden ball over his head continuously absorbed the spiritual energy nearby.

It had grown into about eight meters in diameter.

On the tenth day, Austin felt itchy as if there were numerous ants inside his energy meridians.

'This is a sign of a breakthrough!'

Austin delightedly exclaimed to himself.

'It seems like cultivating on the natural vessel of energy can greatly accelerate the cultivator's breakthrough.

It just took me ten days to be breaking through to a new level.'

Austin resumed his cultivation.

Another five days passed.

A powerful vital energy force emanated from Austin's body and sprea

ergy stone? I almost forgot you have the vital energy stone.

Perhaps you can give it a try,"

the Flame Emperor responded with uncertainty.

"Damn it! I'm gonna give it a try.

I will not let my cultivation base to hold me back.

To improve my vital energy level, I am going to take this chance," Austin said through his gritted teeth.

Without any hesitation, he got up and left the hall.

He headed towards the innermost vital energy refining hall.

It took him a few minutes before he reached the hall's door.

Thick clouds made of pure vital energy came out from the hall every once in a while.

Austin boldly stepped into the hall.

Inside the hall he saw four to five people cultivating inside.

As soon as Austin entered the hall, all those people inside opened their eyes and gave him a bewildered look.

"Seriously? He is just at the Semi-holy Realm. What is he doing here? He must have mistakenly entered our hall,"

a man in his thirties exclaimed in surprise.

The rest also looked astonished.

"Boy, what are you doing here?

You've come to the wrong place. You're supposed to cultivate in the outer vital energy refining hall.

You should go back; that's where you should be,"

a tall, thin man said, as he frowned at Austin.

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