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   Chapter 1502 The Vital Energy Refining Palace

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Austin held tightly onto the bindings of the ancient book while his eyes swept over the words. He skimmed through the introduction to the vital energy realms and read even faster over the basic warrior's understanding of marital arts. He wanted to learn something new, not rehash information that had been drilled into him a long time ago.

He sighed. He could hear his elders preaching about the importance of the fundamentals of martial arts. Without this, warriors would not gain better knowledge about the vital elements of cultivation and fundamental rules. In order to have great power, the basics must be mastered. Still, he already knew this.

Just as he was about to skip pages, a title caught his eye. He read down the page, absorbing the words. Apparently, some of the great masters, in accordance with the fundamental rules existing between the heaven and the earth, could easily call forth unimaginable, original power when fighting against their enemies. The part that had stood out most was that these powers could even slaughter the gods with ease.

Austin also learned that if they stuck to the rules of heaven and earth, they could create or destroy space.

The book went on to explain that the understanding of the martial arts could be divided into five levels, including intent, potential, domain, enlightening, and rules. Every warrior started with intent, and every time a warrior leveled up, he could gain a more deep understanding of the martial arts.

Unexpectedly, Austin found himself carefully reading the chapter on the basic knowledge of marital arts.

Austin read the book hungrily, standing before the bookshelf quietly. He was so immersed that he did not even notice the time passing by. Finally when he finished, he realized that two hour had went by.

Thankfully, he possessed a photographic memory, so not only was he able to read the book quickly, he also would never forget a detail of its contents.

Having finished this book, Austin felt more powerful. Before, he had a foolish mindset where the basics were below him. Now, he felt ahead of other warriors. There could be no way that they would have enough appreciation for the basics to use them to improve their powers.

Without a moment to lose, he replaced the book on the bookshelf and picked up another book. He continued to build his knowledge.

As he worked through the bookshelf, he could not believe the amount of books there were. He devoured ones that described the magic codes of vital energy refinement, the fighting skills, and even the cultivation of spiritual sense.

Austin read all the books until his eyes hurt and his hands were numb from holding the pages open for so long.

And still, he did not find a better vital energy refining method than his Golden Sun Scripture. He groaned and threw his current book back to the shelf.

Leaving the book on the floor, Austin walked to a different shelf and started searching for books that described fighting skills.

The Prime Martial World had not sufficientl

not enter the middle or furthest hall. If he wanted to be successful, he must choose the smallest and least powerful hall.

Austin's feet moved forward and he approached the hall. He grabbed the door handle and pushed it open.

His mouth fell open in shock at how much bigger it was on the inside. The mist crawled along the floor and snuck out the door behind him.

At the moment, dozens of warriors were sitting quietly on the ground and cultivating inside the hall. Looking around, Austin found the hall extremely large. Yet, it was so quiet.

He kept expecting to hear a pin drop.

Austin found a place in the corner where there was no one and sat down, crossing his legs.

There were countless, tiny cracks on the ground, running like a labyrinth.

Austin reached out his hand and felt along one of the cracks. Waves of pure spiritual energy were surging from it and into his fingers.

He felt it travel up through his body and before he knew it, the heavy mist of the spiritual energy had wrapped around him and his figure became dimmed.


Austin exclaimed. He had forgotten that he was in a place where no one else was speaking. He looked up and all of the other warriors were glaring at him. He smiled sheepishly.

Even though he was embarrassed, he was still excited to learn. It would take only a short amount of time to make a breakthrough in such a pure environment.

Not wasting any time, he closed his eyes and re-centered himself.


A golden light came out of his elixir field and floated above his head. According to the Golden Sun Scripture, this light represented the third stage of his cultivation of the Scripture, and it would help him to advance his powers.

It pulsated and moved in tight circles, never leaving his side.

After a few moments, the golden light began the process of ingesting the spiritual energy from the surrounding space.

Austin took out a bottle of Refined Vital Energy Liquid and swallowed.

Then, he started his cultivation.

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