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   Chapter 1501 Higher Cultivation Base Levels

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''We can talk about it later. How about I arrange a place for you to take rest first? I'll lead the way. Just follow me.''

Tyler started walking away the moment he finished speaking.

Moments later, they reached near a small mountain.

There were several cottages around it which were surrounded by thick vegetation and tall bamboos. A few ancient trees added more uniqueness and elegance to the cottages.

Although the place was not as luxuriant as the mansions, it gave Austin and Caroline a feeling of calmness. It seemed to be at peace and harmony with nature.

Both of them started liking the place the moment they reached there.

Each of them found a cottage to live in. The two cottages were, of course, adjacent to each other.

Desks and chairs, made of stone, were placed in front of the cottages. There were also teapots, cups and a bag of valuable tea.

Austin made three cups of tea. They sat there peacefully. He began to chat with Caroline and Tyler, who were also sitting around the table.

Tyler first began the conversation by sharing the basic information of the place with Austin and Caroline.

''This jade slip records the map, region names of the base and all the crucial matters you need to remember. You will find out all about this place after reading it.

If you have any other questions, you can directly contact me using the jade slip. It can also transmit your voices and spiritual sense."

Before Tyler left, he explained about the usage of the jade slip. Then he gave each of them a jade slip to use.

Filled with curiosity, Austin immediately sat on the stone chair, took out his jade slip and began to read it, using his spiritual sense.

First he read about the locations of the different regions of the Flame Holy Land. He came to know that the base has different regions for elders, principal disciples and common disciples. It also had special places which were used only for cultivation, competition and medicine refinement.

Besides, there were also many rules and crucial matters recorded in it.

Some of them drew Austin's attention instantly.

He was intrigued to know that all the disciples in the base had to participate in the formal competition held once a month. The result of it was taken as the benchmark of their power.

The ranks of all the warriors were updated every month, based on the results of the competition.

There were about five hundred disciples in the Flame Holy Land at present. These included a dozen principal disciples, about a hundred inner disciples and three hundred

y outer disciples were standing quietly by the bookshelves. They were focusing as they kept reading the books in their hands.

Austin and Caroline split up. Each of them decided to choose books that they were interested to read. Meanwhile, they also released their spiritual senses to read the cultivation methods recorded in the jade slips.

After rummaging through the bookshelves for a few minutes, Austin noticed a book whose back cover mentioned that it exclusively recorded the basic information of martial arts and its realms.

He quickly made a decision.

'Fine, I shall begin with this book and get some basic knowledge about the Divine Continent, '

Austin thought to himself as he looked carefully at the book he had picked up.

He moved around and found a comfortable spot. He opened the book in his hands and began to read.

The books first introduced the levels of vital energy cultivation base that could be possessed by cultivators.

Austin was already quite familiar with the cultivation levels that were below the Emperor Realm. But he was eager to know about the ones that were beyond the Emperor Realm.

He found the answer in that book. Beyond the Emperor Realm were the Bitter Sea Realm, the Divine Bridge Realm and the Minor-perfection Realm.

However, it stopped at the Minor-perfection Realm and did not mention the cultivation base levels that went beyond that realm.

Austin was ecstatic to have learnt the names of three new cultivation levels-the Bitter Sea Realm, the Divine Bridge Realm and the Minor-perfection Realm.

Austin had reckoned that it was just a book that would provide him basic knowledge, so it had no records of higher cultivation base levels.

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