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   Chapter 1499 Small Village

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The skeleton of a demonic beast was moving at an incredibly fast speed as it flew along with the rolling clouds.

Four people were sitting cross-legged on top of it.

Austin was busy with his cultivation. His eyes were closed as he tried to focus on practicing the Golden Sun Scripture.

However, he couldn't focus on his concentration.

He was distracted as he kept on thinking about the scenes of the Mad Old Man as he fought his enemies, and this left him shocked and excited.

'Compared to that battle, those fights I had with my enemies were nothing but a child's play.

That is the real battle.

That's the fight between the strong cultivators.'

Austin realized how weak he was compared to those real strong masters that he met since he had reached the Divine Continent.

'I must be stronger, '

he vowed to himself.

He could not think of anything aside from the ways on how he could improve his strength.

Austin took some time to relax.

"It's time to check the valuables I've got from the Solamnia Kingdom," he murmured.

Austin then took out two Space Rings.

One of them was the prize reward after he had won the Martial Arts Tournament.

The other one was personally given to Austin by the king as a reward. It was his sign of appreciation after he had warned him of the grand prince's conspiracy.

Austin got those two rings from the royal family of the Solamnia Kingdom.

He had almost forgotten about the existence of those two rings.

Austin checked the contents of the two Space Rings through his spiritual sense.

He was elated at what he had seen.

The two Space Rings contained a total of about five to six hundred million divine vital energy crystals.

Aside from that, there were dozens of archaic magic treasures and three to four primeval magic treasures; two of them were even high-grade primeval magic treasures.


Twelve hours later, the skeleton of the demonic beast slowed down.

They saw a small village that appeared before the mountains.

'What a surprise. There is a village in such a deserted area, ' Austin thought.


The skeleton of the demonic beast landed in front of the village.

"Guys, here we are," the Mad Old Man said before he jumped off the skeleton.

Austin, Caroline and Tyler followed him.

The Mad Old Man waved his hand, and the demonic beast's skeleton disappeared instantly.

Austin studied the village in front of him carefully. 'It seems like the people here lead a peaceful, quiet life. I can hear the dog's bark and the chicken's cock. There is nothing special about this village.

Most of the houses here are made of rocks.'

Austin was baffled after he realized something. 'You've gotta be kidding me! Is this place the base of the Flame Holy Land this old man referred to?'

He looked around the village with a stunned expression on his face.


The base of a holy land is located at a humble village?

Even the Sun Sect of Violet Orchid Empire, where I used to live, is way much better than this far-flung, simple village.

Did this old man lead us to the wrong place?'

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