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   Chapter 1498 Return To The Base

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Standing in the open, Austin, Tyler, and Caroline were nervously staring at the void above them. Through the thick clouds, corpses were plummeting towards the ground. They examined the bodies, noticing their twisted faces and bloodied clothes. Each time, they let out a sigh of relief when they did not see the old man's face among them.

If the old man were dead, the three, who were much weaker than him, would be killed at any moment.

They needed his protection from the enemies that were far more skilled than they were. He was the wisest, most powerful warrior they had met and even so, they feared that he could be defeated.

Minutes continued to pass and the three still did not know who was winning the fight. The thick clouds were impenetrable by their vision; the void was just too high up. Gradually, the sound of fighting lessened. All three of them stood on their toes, straining to see the old man approaching from the void.

When no one appeared, they once again became nervous, fearing they had missed something. Counting silently, they realized a dozen masters had been killed by the old man during the battle.


Their heads snapped upwards. The clouds were parting and the old man was falling from the sky with increasing speed. He landed near them within a few seconds.

The corner of the old man's mouth was dripping blood and his face was pale.

"There are too many enemies! We need to go now!"

The old man waved his hand and a giant vital energy palm formed. He continued running while scooping the trio up with the palm. They headed for the land in the distance that was covered in mountains. It was the same spot where the man had created an array earlier.

Once the four of them had reached the mountainous land, it only took seconds for a dazzling, white light to appear. It surrounded them, causing them to squeeze their eyes shut.

The light began to flash, consuming them one by one.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh...

The old man was the last to disappear and the moment he flickered away, several figures swooped down from the void and hovered above the mountainous land where the four had disappeared just now.

All of the figures were wrapped in layers of vital energy force, making it impossible to distinguish their faces. The leader of the small group scowled through his own misty appearance.

"Damn it! I didn't think the Mad Old Man could create such a powerful array. Not only can it launch attacks but it also has the function of space teleportation.

Now, he could be more than ten thousand kilometers away from us,"

one of the figures said, casting a disappointed look at the land. The leader shot him a threatening look that made the figure cringe.

"Keep chasing! The Mad Old Man managed to slip from our grasp every time. We may not get another chance to see him anytime soon. We have to catch him! We don't give up!"

the leader ordered, yelling so loudly that his voice echoed through the mountains. Without another word, the leader turned and faced the horizon. With a whoosh, he disappeared on the spot. The followers stared at the spot where he had disappeared. Clearly, he meant business.

Immediately, the space filled with the sound of whooshing as the followers also left to chase the old man.

One hundred thousand kilometers away from the mountainous land where the array


The old man waved his hand one more time and the pattern penetrated into the back of the demonic beast skeleton and disappeared.

"There we go. I have deployed a defense array to protect you all.

But our dozen days of travelling should not be wasted. You must use the time to practice your martial arts and improve your cultivation base.

Especially you, Austin. You and Howard from the Vasteras Holy Land will have a competition in a year's time. If you want to win the competition, then from now on, every day you must practice and no more time can be wasted,"

the old man said seriously.

"Yes, sir!"

the three replied obediently. Without the old man, not only would they be dead by now, but they also wouldn't have extra time to improve themselves. Now, in the following days, they would be stronger and more experienced than before.

After that, the old man sat cross-legged, took out some pills, and put them in his mouth. He did not say any more as he closed his eyes to rest and heal.

Austin, Caroline, and Tyler also sat cross-legged and began practicing in silence.

As the demonic beast skeleton flew on, somewhere in the air, continuous whoosh sounds could be heard again.

The figures who were wrapped up by layers of strong vital energy appeared abruptly. They dashed forward but quickly stopped in their tracks. They were all alone in the void.

"I couldn't sense the presence of the Mad Old Man here. Where has he gone?

We've lost him again!"

one of the figures complained.

"Humph! I thought he did not bring along the Flame Holy Tower this time since he had never activated its power during the last few battles. Unexpectedly, he did have it and activate its power this time. If we knew he had it all along, we would have caught him a long time ago!"

one figure yelled, rather unwilling to admit their failure.

"The Mad Old Man is too skilled at creating arrays.

If it weren't for the array he deployed, we would have already caught him before,"

another figure said as he gnashed his teeth.

"Humph! It's not a big deal! Next time, we will bring more magic treasures—ones that can confine the space so that he can't teleport himself and run away!"

someone said coldly.

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