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   Chapter 1497 A Fierce Battle

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7192

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With a thunderous sound, the huge purple foot stepped down from the eastern sky. The animals and birds within several thousand miles fled for their lives. The primeval forest bent down as if it was suffering a terrible super-typhoon.


All of a sudden, an incandescent ray of lightning flashed in the north and struck the mountain where Austin and the old man were standing.

The tremendous sound shook the whole mountain. Austin, Caroline and Tyler covered their ears quickly. The impact of the thunderous sound was so strong that the earth beneath heaved violently

Black hued lightning flashed wildly through the air, hitting the ground relentlessly.


At the same time, there was a strong golden flash in the south. Like a golden dragon with immense power, a huge golden spear darted towards the peak where the old man stood.

And in the west, with a loud screaming sound, a giant silver condor flew out from the billowing clouds.

The huge bird looked like it had been cast in silver. It was so huge that its wings stretched across thousands of meters, covering the whole sky like a huge cloud. Its two silver claws, shining with cold luster, stretched out from the sky and tried to grab the old man as its talons clutched the peak of the mountain.

Slowly the people hidden in the surrounding area began launching their attacks. They were playing their aces, powerful and merciless.

Austin, Caroline and Tyler panicked. They felt their lives were at stake. It was like being in a small boat that was floating on the rough sea. Not only their bodies, but their souls also were shaking, fearing that any moment they would be swallowed by the wave.

The attacks hurled at them from the sky were so terrible that they lost their confidence and mindset to fight back. They were shell-shocked.


The old man snorted and stood up suddenly. He stamped hard on the ground, and a bright white glow radiated from beneath his feet. Like rippling water, the circles of bright white light spread in all directions.

In a short moment, there were tens of thousands of white light columns that shot out from th

he small pagoda in his hand, the old man rushed into the rolling clouds that had covered the sky and the sun.

In the space behind layers of clouds, the war seemed to have got more intense and fiercer. With every passing moment, it was becoming horrifying.

The sky was shaking violently with blood-curdling screams and cries of people being killed mercilessly.

"No!" "Help!" "Aah!"

With those screams echoing around, blood poured down like raindrops. Suddenly a corpse fell from the sky.


Suddenly, from maybe thousands of miles away, came a brilliant ribbon in everyone's view. No one could see its origin but it lashed before their eyes.

It got closer to the corpse that had fallen from the sky and rolled it up. Once it was secure in its grip, the ribbon disappeared in the distant sky.

Soon another corpse fell from the sky. Before reaching the ground, it exploded into pieces. The flesh and bones were scattered in all directions. It was a bloody scene.

One after another, corpses kept falling from the sky after every few minutes.

And every time a corpse fell, the bright ribbon appeared immediately, rolled itself around the corpse and took it away.

Apparently, someone in the distance didn't want to leave the corpses there. Probably he was afraid that the old man would look at the corpses after the war and recognize their true identities. Someone was very keen on hiding the corpses.

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