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   Chapter 1496 Drawing Array On The Ground

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8436

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High in the sky, a few figures flew through the clouds. They all moved in a fast forward motion.

The old man along with Austin and the other two fellows left the capital of the Solamnia Kingdom. They flew away to the north.

After flying around straight for about half a day, they faced a vast range of mountains. It appeared as if it was rolling endless in their visions. And from time to time they could hear shrill roar of monsters and diabolic beasts transmitted from the forests below their feet.

They ignored all these roars and kept flying forward.

A few moments later, the old man suddenly stopped. He stood in the mid-air for a while and then turned around slowly to look into the sky.

"Hah! Hah! Hah!

They really 'care' about a old and sick man like me.

Well. That's fine.

If that is the case, I will not let them down," the old man said coldly, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth. A trace of fierceness emitted out of his peaceful eyes. There was even a faint killing intent from his expression.

The old man moved immediately, in order to fly down to the earth. After he landed on the ground, he started rolling up and down across the mountains.

Austin had been observing the old man keenly. He found out that the old man was not moving in a straight line but rather crossed the mountain back and forth. He seemed as if he was painting a complex picture amidst the mountains, with his feet as brushes and the earth as his canvas.

There was something which had added up more to his surprise. He found out that when the old man galloped on the ground, his feet had radiated out a scintillating burst of light, leaving a clear white band of light on every route that he passed by. Austin had thought that the light would disappear in a while, but it persisted to glimmer for a long time.

That might be an array!

The idea hit Austin's mind like a thunderbolt! It seemed so strange because a regular array was usually drawn only with the help of tools. Immersed in a pool of thoughts, he then became aware that the old man was setting up a mysterious array on the mountains which were located further down.

But then, there was something peculiar with the way how this old man built the array. Wherever his feet had trodden on the ground, he had left a series of lines crossing the ground. The lines then formed a complete array system.

This style of setting up an array was so bizarre. Austin had never even dared to imagine such a thing.

The old man's speed was absolutel

upwards strongly, appearing like a long river. It also resembled snakes and dragons coiled together, generating huge power flying up to the sky.

Austin stood aside, viewing such a mysterious scene and could not help but showing his admiration.

The Mad Old Man looked like an ordinary old man and no one could even come to notice his strength.

However, when he revealed his strength, Austin knew how strong he actually was and the scared powers he processed.

"Flame Emperor! Have you found out to what extent the strength this old man process?"

Austin asked the Flame Emperor in his Soul Sea.

"I cannot recognize it. Anyway, this old man is much stronger than the South Marine Saint who took your two fiancees,"

the Flame Emperor said, shaking his head. Even he was unable to know the level of this old man.

"Humph! I realize how stubborn you are. You are probably going to die soon!"

a loud snort came from the east, echoing in the sky.


Purple fog, like a vast sea, rolled over from the eastern sky. It soon occupied the whole sky and blocked the sun. The power contained in it was so strong that it could almost oppress the souls of people, pressing it to tremble continuously.

Suddenly, the purple clouds formed into a purple giant. It stood tall around a thousand meters high. The giant came over to the mountain where the old man and Austin were located. It brought huge power together, containing the power from the sky and the earth, as if it represented God to deal with humans.

Austin was dumbfounded to see such a magnificent scene and the strong momentum.

Once the giant trampled down, the whole ground would be destroyed!

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