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   Chapter 1495 Stop A Coup

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"The Xiao Family is in trouble? What do you mean?"

Austin repeated the words in utter surprise. It was hard to believe.

He had spent several days at the Belle's house. In fact, Belle and he had developed quite a rapport and became good friends over the course of his stay in that place.

So obviously, Austin didn't want to just stand by when he heard that the Xiao Family was in peril. He didn't even like hearing about it.

"It's all a bit political and purely about power. The grand prince of the Solamnia Kingdom has colluded with the leaders of the top six sects of the kingdom who are backing him.""Backing him for what?" Austin asked. "What do you think?" Came the reply, "Power! He has made a plan that he will put in place tonight and seize his father's power. He wants to become the king.

Once he does that and ascends to the throne, then you can bet that he will eliminate those ministers who don't follow him. Even those who pose a potential threat to his rise to power will be eliminated from his path.

The problem is, the prime minister Waldron supports the third prince, and he also has a lot of influence. Means that most of the officials will side with him.

He is definitely a big threat to the grand prince who will surely try to destroy the entire Xiao Family,"

the old man explained.

"Wait, what? The grand prince has planned to stage a coup?" Austin exclaimed, his pupils dilating in astonishment.

'If that really is true, then this guy is right; Belle's family is going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble.

Rodolfo works for the grand prince. And not only will the grand prince be against the Xiao Family, so will Rodolfo, since he and Waldron have a rather sour history together.

Once the grand prince becomes the king, Rodolfo will never let the Xiao Family go under any circumstances. He will have strength and power, and the two are rather problematic together.'

"Hey, hang on! The Martial Arts Tournament has just ended, and the grand prince is planning to steal the throne from his father. But isn't this an inopportune moment? I mean, what if the guests who are here from the three holy lands and other top sects of the East Mainland try to stop him? Hasn't he thought of that?"

Austin had an idea.

"That's just the thing. He has! The problem is, the Solamnia Kingdom is a very small one, especially in the eyes of the people of the three holy lands and most major sects. So most of them will not bother getting themselves involved in this political drama.

Besides, they will return to their sects with their newly recruited disciples pretty soon.

No one would want to waste time in a dump like this!"

the old man replied, curling his lips in a thoughtful way.

In retrospect, when Austin pondered over what the old man had just said, he realized that it actually made a lot of sense.

He still had some doubts though. "The grand prince

e king, the king's trusted guards, and the imperial guards broke into the grand prince's mansion. Not only did they do that, but the king executed the grand prince on the spot.

Even before news of this execution spread, a multitude of guards went after the grand prince's followers and chased them out on the streets.

Within just a few hours, almost every single person who was involved with the grand prince's plans, including Rodolfo's family, had been killed.

In fact, Waldron beheaded Rodolfo in public.

News spread like wildfire and the leaders of the top six sects of the Solamnia Kingdom, who had planned on assisting the grand prince in his coup, left the imperial capital city as soon as they heard about the grand prince's death. That was the only way they could think of saving their lives.

Austin himself did not rest easy until he had heard about the execution of the grand prince.

'Finally, the people of the Xiao Family are safe, at least for now, ' he thought to himself with relief.

To his pleasant surprise, the king came to meet him in person. It seemed like the handiwork of Waldron, since he was with the king too. The latter rewarded him with lots of divine vital energy crystals, pills, elixirs, magic treasures and several other kinds of cultivation resources.

Austin politely thanked the king and accepted those rewards gladly; to be honest, he was penniless now.

Half a day later, the old man left the Solamnia Kingdom with Austin, Caroline and Tyler.

According to him, he was taking Austin to the base of the Flame Holy Land; once there, Austin was going to have to begin a strict training regimen. It was time for him to fulfill the reason he had come to the Divine Continent for, and

he was really looking forward to the upcoming journey.

'The Flame Holy Land was destroyed 1500 years ago, but now that it has been rebuilt, I wonder what its base would look like?'

he wondered.

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