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   Chapter 1494 Raise A Challenge (Part Two)

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I propose that this challenge be solely between the disciple of Flame Holy Land and of Vasteras Holy Land.

What's your opinion, Steward Gren? You regard Austin as useless as rubbish. Are you brave enough to accept his challenge?"

The old man let out a fit of hearty laugh after speaking. He appreciated Austin's courage and determination in raising such a seemingly impossible challenge.

"Why should I refuse such an interesting challenge? I accept it!"

Steward Gren uttered in a grim tone.

"Since you are shameless enough to raise such an absurd challenge, I will grant you the opportunity to harvest the subsequent consequence of your arrogance.

I accept your challenge, Austin, and one year later, I'll prove how bad of a cultivator you are.

I'll prove to you that rubbish will always be rubbish. You have nothing to prove! Stop dreaming!"

Howard gravely shouted and then burst into blaring laughter loud enough for everyone to hear.

All spectators felt stunned at the exchange of those two young men. They all motionlessly stared at the several figures in the middle of the arena with their mouths half agape.

They never knew that a warrior at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm would ever challenge a much mighty warrior––someone at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

The majority of the audience thought that Austin was a complete lunatic for being that tactless.

"We can leave now, sir."

Austin paid no attention to Howard anymore. He just turned around and left with Caroline's hand in his.

He was not in the mood to talk nonsense with those arrogant warriors. He grew more determined to show who the real rubbish warrior was. And the only way to prove himself was to fight and defeat Howard on the same battle ring.

Soon enough, they ultimately left the place with the old man leading the way. After walking through several streets in the imperial capital city, they stopped in

l out.

"That's good of you, Austin. Your aspiration to be a real warrior is impressive.

I trust that you will never fail me.

I know you have faith in yourself, but fighting relies on ability, and that's an undeniable fact.

As far as I'm concerned, you should improve your vital energy before the match. That's the most important thing you need to pay attention to.

You have weak vital energy that needs significant development."

The old man sounded like a true master and superior to Austin.

"Yes, I understand," replied Austin, nodding.

He ultimately agreed with the old man. His weak vital energy was really his Achilles heel.

"It seems you and the girl from the Xiao Family in the Solamnia Kingdom are in good terms."

Suddenly, the old man raised another topic out of Austin's expectation.

"We're friends. I was able to participate in the tournament because she helped me in applying as part of the Xiao Family."

Austin wondered the old man's real intention in asking such a question out of the blue.

"I'm afraid that the Xiao Family is in danger now.

The royal family in the Solamnia Kingdom will soon witness a storm that will dramatically alter the course of things."

Suddenly, Austin felt his body turned cold upon hearing the old man.

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