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   Chapter 1493 Raise A Challenge (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6645

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"How bold of you, you wretched beast! How dare you shame the Vasteras Holy Land! That's unacceptable.

You are really an arrogant prick, aren't you? Let me teach you a lesson on how to shut your mouth!"

Steward Gren broke into a rage for Austin's impoliteness and recklessness. His furious eye pierced through the young man.

Suddenly, Austin heard a massive blast over his head. Looking upwards, he saw the air span dramatically like a massive whirlwind filled with tremendous energy seething around it. It came from nowhere as if the Heavenly God had sent out his punishment without notice.

A huge golden palm appeared in the middle of the whirlwind and stretched downwards at a fleeting speed. With a rumble produced by the violent air circling it, the gigantic palm dashed downwards at Austin at its full speed.

"The force of enlightening!

Steward Gren is a terrible opponent, Austin! The skill he is using is the force of enlightening. It's powerful than any forces you've ever experienced before!"

Austin heard the Flame Emperor exclaim in his Soul Sea.

'So this is the force of enlightening?'

murmured Austin to himself while staring at the bizarre display above his head in a trance.

The gigantic golden palm seemed to contain a power equal to the energy of nature. It stirred the entire competition arena and blew winds of sand and stone like hurricanes. Waves of cloud seethed as if they were boiling while the roars of the whirlwind filled everyone's ears. All spectators panicked at this terrifying scene and backed off as quickly as they could.

Austin felt a mighty pressing force from above his head, rendering him immobile. He could not even think straight as if his thoughts were imprisoned by such overwhelming energy.

"As an elderly warrior, don't you feel ashamed in bullying your junior? Hmm?" said someone suddenly in an indignant tone. Austin turned to check and saw the old man who had spoken in support of him.

His resonating voice c

His words stunned everybody at the scene. A challenge of competing with each other one year later?

Austin's idea was beyond everyone's expectations that even Caroline and the Mad Old Man was surprised.

"What did you say? You're challenging me? A warrior at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm is challenging a warrior at the premium stage of Emperor Realm? You really mean that?"

Howard's tone was filled with mockery, evident that he was startled at the sudden proposal of Austin.

As a warrior at the premium stage of Emperor Realm, it was rather easy for him to kill hundreds of thousands of warriors at the Semi-holy Realm. Never did he imagine that a cultivator with that cultivation base was bold enough to raise a challenge against him!

"Yes! I am very much serious about it.

Do you have the guts to accept it?"

Austin rallied his vital energy force to have his voice resonate loudly. Like the roar of thunder, each of his words ran through the whole arena clearly.

"Do you have the guts to accept it?" "Do you have the guts..."

His last sentence mightily echoed in the arena with an imposing manner. It went on and on as if it could hover forever. Now, Austin was damn certain everybody could hear his sentiments.

"You have a great ambition, Austin. I'll support you no matter what.

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