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   Chapter 1492 The Flame Holy Land (Part Two)

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"Why don't you respond, young man? Don't you want to join our holy land?

Alas! All right. It doesn't matter if you say no. I should have thought of that coming. I can understand your decision, and I will not force you to join the sect." The old man sighed with a little disappointment.

Because Austin did not reply to him, he thought that Austin might not be willing to join his holy land. He became a little disappointed and frustrated, though he knew Austin had every reason to do so.

Austin hoped the old man would understand his dilemma. It was common sense that nobody would like to join a holy land which had been wiped out over a thousand years ago.

Austin saw the disappointment very evident on the face of the old man.

Before giving away his final decision, he decided to give it a second thought and started considering his options.

'Obviously, the three holy lands will not allow me to join them anyway.

Even the other supreme sects in the East Mainland may not accept me. After all, I was in trouble with the Vasteras Holy Land just now. No one will dare to go against them.'

Furthermore, Austin thought about Steward Gren who claimed that Austin was arrogant and disrespectful. He even stated that Austin had offended the superior though it was not the truth.

Austin knew that under such a situation, the other supreme sects in the East Mainland would definitely not accept him. He had no hopes from them.

In simple words, it was clear to Austin that he would never be able to join the three holy lands or other supreme sects in the East Mainland.

'Damn it! Just accept it! Join the Flame Holy Land! It cannot be worse than

e Divine Continent. The magic treasures that came out of his house were priceless. No one could imagine its power and value.

"Steward Gren, from beginning to the end, I've never agreed to be a grunt disciple of the Vasteras Holy Land. You are bullying me all the time and forcing me to do something to which I don't agree.

Are all the people in the Vasteras Holy Land as shameless as you? Forcing and bullying others just because you're strong? What a shame!

Hmm. Even if all the sects in the world refuse to let me join, I will never even think about joining the Vasteras Holy Land!" Austin declared.

He was totally annoyed and stated with fury as well as firmness.

Austin could not put up with Steward Gren anymore. In order to rob Austin of the intelligent magic treasure, Steward Gren was so aggressive and arrogant all the time. Moreover, he had almost taken away both Austin and Caroline.

If the old man had not shown up in time, needless to say, Austin would have been in trouble.

As a result, Austin now was full of hatred and fury towards Steward Gren and the Vasteras Holy Land.

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