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   Chapter 1491 The Flame Holy Land (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5546

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"Cut the crap! I will not give you any chance to survive and live at all! You want to kill me? Maybe next life! And by the way, here's some advice for you. Careful who you're messing with; unless you want to die this miserable, again!"

Howard laughed grimly. The giant palm which was made up of his vital energy force continued moving towards Caroline. It was edging closer and was going to hit her.

"Steward Katie, please help them! Please, I beg you. They are my friends. Please!"

Seeing what was happening to Austin and Caroline, Belle was upset and worried about them. She kept begging Steward Katie, the middle-aged Taoist nun from the Jade Sect, to save them from being killed.

"Belle, it's none of our business. It will be better for us if we do not step into the business of the Vasteras Holy Land."

The middle-aged Taoist nun was unmoved by Belle's requests. Her reaction was understandable. After all, the Vasteras Holy Land was one of the three most powerful holy lands. Compared to it, her own sect, the Jade Sect, was quite weak. Therefore, she preferred not to get into trouble with the Vasteras Holy Land.

A moment later, a voice was heard.

"Hmm. The Vasteras Holy Land is a big sect. But as the disciples of the Vasteras Holy Land, you all are deliberately causing trouble to two young people. Seriously? Don't you feel ashamed?"

All of a sudden, an old man, probably in the fifties, showed up beside Caroline. He looked sickly, just like an ordinary old man.

But he was not as weak as he looked. He stretched his hand and gently grasped the giant palm that was made up of Howard's vital energy force. Soon, the giant pal

volving the Flame Holy Land on that night. The war was so dreadful and plenty of lives were taken away. Bloodshed and destruction were everywhere.

After that night, the Flame Holy Land was wiped out completely.

After that, there were only the other three holy lands left in the East Mainland. The Flame Holy Land was gone forever.

Then my enemies chased me and tried to kill me a thousand years ago. To escape from those killers, I ran to the Prime Martial World. I haven't heard anything from the East Mainland ever since then.

So I do not know why the Flame Holy Land has showed up again now and what this old man is up to."

Flame Emperor talked to Austin in his Soul Sea.

'I see, ' Austin thought to himself.

From the Flame Emperor's words, Austin got to know that the Flame Holy Land had really existed. But it had disappeared more than one thousand and five hundred years ago.

However, it was interesting that the old man suddenly showed up and claimed that he was from the Flame Holy Land. Furthermore, he was inviting Austin to join the Flame Holy Land to be their disciple.

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