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   Chapter 1490 Being Arrested

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8634

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Right at that moment, everyone there turned to look at that way out of curiosity.

They had believed that the representative from the Vasteras Holy Land must be more than eager to recruit Austin.

However, to everyone's surprise a conflict arose.

Austin had won the championship of the Martial Arts Tournament, which had made him almost the sole focus and the most dazzling star on the battleground. However, the situation changed unexpectedly and practically too soon.

"Haha, young man. Don't be so proud and snobbish. You should be honored to have received my suggestions. But you acted recklessly and impolitely by offending me.

Howard, bring him home and give him a taste of his own medicine. All judgments should be done according to his attitude later," Steward Gren commanded.

He didn't want to embarrass himself by taking Austin's intelligent magic treasure by force while others were staring. So, he decided to fabricate false accusations against him and charge him. This would let him arrest Austin first and then interrogate him.

"Okay, Steward Gren. Such a crazy teenager should be given a chance for self-reflection before he is taught about anything else."

After understanding what the Steward Gren meant, Howard instantly jumped to action and stretched out his right hand in an attempt to seize Austin's hand.

Howard had really formidable strength because he was already at the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

The hand coming towards Austin's body was as terrifying as a collapsing mountain. He felt the space around him close down on him. The air was sucked out completely. There was nothing around him but a vacuum zone.

It seemed that Howard was simply stretching out his hand, but he had actually used some complicated and unfathomable fighting skills. He had already sealed off Austin's routes of retreat.

Austin was impressed and awed. He immediately understood in his heart that it was awfully stupid of him to underestimate a warrior from the three holy lands.

More than that, he wasn't strong enough to avoid Howard's attack. Therefore, instead of dodging, he decided to confront it bravely as he had no way to escape the upcoming attack. At the moment, he released the Spiritual Pot from his elixir field and threw it at Howard's Soul Sea.

Howard went slightly pale on the face. The spiritual sense was released intensely and quickly from his Soul Sea and then materialized into huge waves. The waves started to lap against the Spiritual Pot.

The spiritual sense of a warrior at the premium stage of Emperor Realm couldn'

understand. How could such a worthless piece of shit have such a beauty to care about him? There has to be some major mix-up here.

Only I, Howard, deserve her love. If anyone will have her, it'll be me," he murmured to himself darkly.

His eyes were green with envy. Caroline's concerned expression told him that she really cared about Austin.

"Let go of him now!"

Caroline took out her fan and launched her attacks while Howard still gaped at her greedily.

A sea of fire was produced immediately.

Flames with black smoke were rushing towards Howard.

"You won't get off the hooks easily, woman.

Don't you dare put a finger at our warriors from the Vasteras Holy Land. Howard, arrest the mad woman immediately."

Steward Gren snapped furiously.

"Consider it done, Steward Gren," Howard replied excitedly like a wild man.

Actually, he was overjoyed by Steward Green's order of arrest. By taking her to the Vasteras Holy Land, he would have a greater chance of looking at her and have his desires fulfilled.

"Young lady, please come with us. I promise that no harm will come to you.

Soon, you'll know that this stupid guy does not deserve anything from you," said Howard.

With a swish of his right hand, he released his intense vital energy force, and put out the flames and black smoke completely.

His superiority in both power and strength allowed him to neutralize Caroline's attack easily. The girl was meek compared to him.

Then, he stretched out his left hand. With an enormous palm emitting formidable pressure of vital energy force, he tried to seize Caroline.

"You bastard! Stop!

You touch her and you will be dead,"

Austin shouted desperately and furiously.

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