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   Chapter 1489 We Are In Big Trouble This Time

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Listening to the middle-aged man in yellow, Austin finally understood that the representative from the Vasteras Holy Land did not plan to recruit him to their sect.

Austin guessed that the two representatives from the Rudimentary Holy Land and the Arcane Holy Land did not have any interest in him either––just like the one from the Vasteras Holy Land.

So, instead of recruiting Austin––the champion of the Martial Arts Tournament––they took the initiative to recruit the young man in black and the strong young man with loose hair, the second and third ranking cultivators of the tournament.

Although Austin had won the championship, the representatives of the three holy lands did not think highly of him. For them, he only won because he relied heavily on external forces. They thought his potential in martial arts was limited.

When Austin finally understood their standpoint, he couldn't help but be filled with anger.

He tightly clenched his fists, and the veins on his hands popped up.

"Hmmm, the representatives of the three holy lands are all ignorant. They do not even intend to recruit you.

What a bunch of fools!

With your talent in cultivation, you deserve to become a disciple of any sect. These bloody representatives might get their heads nipped in a door."

The Flame Emperor in Austin's Soul Sea could not help hurling several insults as he understood the situation.

Austin breathed lightly to suppress the anger in his heart.

"Thank you for your guidance.

Now that I am not qualified to join the three holy lands, I will leave," he said calmly.

Now that they did not want to recruit him, he would not beg for it. Over his dead body would he get down on his knees to be part of their holy lands.

He knew it would be good for him to join them, but it was also clear to him that he needed nobody nor any of those holy lands to help with his cultivation.

After all, he improved his cultivation base all by himself; he never got help from any prominent sect.


replied Austin, who was still concealing his anger.

Then, without letting them respond, he left at high speed.

Austin had got the Omnipotent Pot––the most precious treasure from the East Mainland. Sure, it was priceless. Thus, he would not give it up.

"Well, there is no hurry. Just make it clear before you go,"

the middle-aged man in yellow said coldly, stretching out his right hand.

Although Austin had left more than one thousand meters away, he was suddenly forced to a halt. He felt as if there was a huge invisible hand dragging him back.

Suddenly, he was frightened out of his wits and tried to resist that force with his vital energy force.

However, his efforts were seemed to have no effect at all.

Austin felt that his body was irresistibly pulled back by the invisible hand. In no time, he was again face-to-face with the middle-aged man.

"Austin, this guy is at the premium stage of Divine Bridge Realm. We are in big trouble this time."

The Flame Emperor in Austin's Soul Sea sounded nervous and anxious.

"Sir, what do you mean? Are you making things hard for me?"

asked Austin, whose face was dark and serious, looking at the middle-aged man in yellow.


"What is going on?"

Most of the audience, who had not left the competition area yet, were stunned as they witnessed everything.

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