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   Chapter 1488 You're Not Qualified

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A group of people who were the representatives of the East Mainland's top sects left the platform and headed straight to their chosen contestants.

As the delegate of the Vasteras Holy Land started to disperse, a man who was about 25 years of age, suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Steward Gren,"

the young man greeted.

"What's up, Howard?"

Steward Gren, the delegate of the Vasteras Holy Land, asked casually, with a confused expression on his face.

"That Austin Lin, the one who won the first place, someone saw got an intelligent magic treasure in the Black-wind Beast World,"

Howard whispered.

"What? Are you sure about that?" Steward Gren exclaimed as his eyes widened in excitement.

He had been aware of the intelligent magic treasures as they flew out of the Dragon Immortal's mansion. He wanted to get a hold of the magical treasures, for he knew that they were rare and powerful items.

"Yes. I chased him in the Black-wind Beast World, but he got away,"

Howard confirmed with a nod.

"A weak young man like him isn't qualified to have an intelligent magic treasure from the Dragon Immortal's mansion.

Fine, I'll get him to hand the intelligent magic treasure to us," Steward Gren said.

He instantly flew towards the square, followed by Howard.

The square was filled with representatives of the East Mainland's top sects as they gathered on the contestants they favored and invited them to join their sect.

Participants who ranked from the sixteenth to the thirties had the chance to be a part of six major sects of the Solamnia Kingdom.

The delegates from the top sects of the East Mainland only recruited those who ranked into the top 15.

"You're Belle Xiao, right? I'm a representative of the Jade Sect. You're such a lucky girl to have the legendary Crystal Moonlight Body. I believe that if you learn our secret martial art skills, you will make great achievements in the field of martial arts.

Once you decide to join us, we'll provide you the best cultiva

he was, he didn't show it on his face.

"I watched you fight.

I have to admit you did a good job in the test.

But do you know what your fatal weakness is?"

the man in yellow said indifferently.

"I know I'm far from being an excellent cultivator. I would appreciate it a lot if you can enlighten me," Austin responded.

He suddenly had a feeling that this man wasn't here to invite him to join the Vasteras Holy Land.

"Looks like this guy isn't happy with you. I don't think he's here to recruit you,"

the Flame Emperor said.


Your merits include a profound sword skill, your demonic avatar and a mysterious spiritual sense martial skill.

But these are all external forces.

You won the tournament because you resorted to these external forces. It suggests that you're not a hardworking cultivator. You just want to improve your strength by cutting corners. If you don't change your ways, you will not make any great achievements in martial arts.

There is something I hope you will keep in mind: cultivation base matters the most to a cultivator;

the only way to enhance your strength is to work on your cultivation base.

Even though you won the first place in this tournament, you're not qualified to be a member of a holy land,"

the man in yellow said.

'I knew it.'

Austin's eyes widened.

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