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   Chapter 1487 The Royal Family’s Rewards

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The Martial Arts Tournament was finally over, despite everything that happened.

Austin felt relieved that he had pulled through until the end. Still giddy, he jumped out of the battle ring to join Caroline and Belle at the rest area.

Most of the audience, on the other hand, could barely move from the shock of watching the tournament and witnessing how Austin managed to win. Everyone had an opinion to share.

Not a single soul believed that a competitor who was just at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm could defeat all his opponents who were more powerful and experienced than him.

Moments later, their attention returned to the center as the old eunuch, whose only job was to facilitate the competition, floated above the stage.

He shot a baffling glance at Austin before making his announcement with a highly projected voice.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to announce that we've come to the end of the Martial Arts Tournament. What a show, right?

We all know the results, as well as the names of the top 30, top 15, top 3, and top 1 competitors.

Their achievements would not go unrewarded.

Based on the rules, the top 30 competitors are free to join any of the six major sects in the Solamnia Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the top 15 competitors have the chance of becoming disciples of first-class sects in the East Mainland.

As for the top 3 competitors, they're in luck when they get chosen by representatives from the three holy lands.

Representatives of different sects, take a good, hard look at these top competitors now.

You can begin picking new disciples from this roster after the awarding.

So, moving on...," the old eunuch coughed a bit before proceeding. "Our champion is the luckiest today, of course. The royal family of the Solamnia Kingdom, by tradition, will reward him with plenty of resources for cultivation and refinement, including, but not limited to, crystals, pills, and even some secret scriptures.

Without further ado, please welcome... His Majesty the King! To award our champion, Austin."

The emperor, wearing a robe with an intricate dragon design as well as a golden crown, descended to the stage and then floated above it. He was followed by his entourage composed of dozens of princes, dukes, and ministers.

Among them was a man staring at Austin with viciousness and resentment. He was Rodolfo, grand marshal of the Solamnia Kingdom.

On the other hand, an old

handsome teenager swore, with his eyes, full of grudge, fixed at his defeater.

Austin cast a friendly glance at him before looking away.

At the luxuriously decorated grandstand also floating above the east side of the stage, meanwhile, were two men, one from the Rudimentary Holy Land and the other from the Vasteras Holy Land.

"It's really strange. Who would've known that Austin would take home the championship?"

a representative from the Rudimentary Holy Land lamented.

"He isn't my guy, though. I'll tell you why. The only thing seems right about Austin was that he has got insights to the level six sword domains. Perhaps, he has got some talent with sword-wielding.

But he absolutely sucks at the refinement of vital energy.

His fighting skills also heavily depend on a powerful set of sword techniques. He owns a demon race's avatar and has mastered a set of really weird spiritual sense skills. That's all he got. All fancy skills; no real vital energy strength.

I think he doesn't have the right attitude about this. He won't work hard to refine his vital energy.

Therefore, he's no match for other warriors who are more diligent and determined. What would he do, rely on his physical strength and fighting skills? An opportunist at its finest, that's what he is,"

the representative from the Rudimentary Holy Land said with a frown throughout his statement.

"Fine, let's just go down and pick some competent young warriors instead of wasting time here, talking nonsense,"

the representative from Vasteras Holy Land said, getting down ahead of his companion from the Rudimental Holy Land.

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