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   Chapter 1486 The Champion (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5999

Updated: 2019-12-05 00:03

Suddenly, the young lad heard an upsetting buzz inside his head. It was like some beetles were roaming around his brain.

The buzz was actually created by the Spiritual Pot that was circling around his spiritual soul and rubbing it from time to time.

The young lad screamed in pain.

He felt like his brain would explode soon. He sensed that his soul was already leaving him. He couldn't stop death from approaching him anymore. All he could do was cry for help again and again. In the end, he lost his balance and slumped on the ground of the battle ring. His eyes were wide open and blood was oozing from his mouth.

"You have two choices now, dude!" shouted Austin. "Die or leave the battle ring on your own feet?"

The young lad heard Austin's cold voice. He was fully aware that Austin was showing him mercy by offering him a chance to live. The Spiritual Pot could have smashed his spiritual soul into pieces if Austin had the intention to kill him.

But the young lad was so weak to stand up or even move so he just laid on the ground motionless. Blood was all over his chest now. His face twisted in pain. His eyes were filled with shame and indignation as he stared at Austin. He wasn't ready to admit defeat. His heart was burning with fire of hostility.

Despite of his loathing, he did his best not to show it on his face. He knew how powerful the Spiritual Pot in his Soul Sea was. He was scared that it might smash his spiritual soul at any minute.

After lying on the ground for quite a while, the young lad somehow regained his energy so he came to his feet and limped out of the battle ring with his head held high. Clearly, he chose the second option that Austin gave him but he still wanted to keep his pride. Although he looked frustrated and lonely under the gaz

on the Martial Arts Tournament. He was the champion!

"What a surprise! Austin won the tournament. Can you believe that? The other two warriors chose to give up!"

"The result is indeed surprising. He is just a warrior at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm!"

The spectators expressed their opinions in awe. The result was indeed beyond their expectations.

Everyone focused their attention on Austin. Various expressions were written on their faces. Some of them admired him while some of them criticized him. There were those who felt stunned and there were those who felt indifferent. Others looked at him with jealousy and hatred.

A warrior just at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm defeated all the other participants and took the first place! Wasn't that a miracle?

"You didn't let me down, Austin. I've already anticipated this to happen," Belle murmured to herself.

She was staring at Austin with a smiling face.

Her beautiful face brightened because of that genuine smile on her lips.

"My man has never let me down, nor will he let me down in the future."

Caroline seemed elated as well. Her charming eyes were also fixed at Austin the whole time.

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