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   Chapter 1485 The Champion (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6180

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Both Austin and the handsome young lad were fighting vigorously inside battle ring No. 1.

Within just a short period, Austin's demonic avatar had launched more than a dozen of martial art strikes to match the power of the young lad who was at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

The fist skill used by the young lad was extremely powerful. Every mighty force it unleashed emitted dragon images dancing wildly in the air. With its powerful force, the whole battle ring quivered. Dust and stones spun around like a tornado. A violent sound rumbled with the violent wind.

However, since Austin's demonic avatar possessed a strength of a demon emperor, its energy force was more powerful than the young lad's vital energy force. Therefore, every time Austin's demonic avatar attacked, endless and tremendous force was launched in waves that shrouded the entire battle ring.

However, when it came to the level and power of skills, the demonic skills of Austin's demonic avatar were inferior to the fist skill of the young lad.

In a word, Austin's demonic avatar was superior in strength while the young lad had the upper hand in martial art skills. He had a better understanding of martial arts rules so he was able to use the skills perfectly.

Both players had their own strengths and no one seemed to give up. Each of them would like to show the world that they deserved to be the champion.

But as time passed by, Austin's demonic avatar continuously unleashed a force tantamount to his own force. With such great powers combined, the young lad began to feel awkward in warding off Austin's attacks and defending himself. He was already gradually backing off so he decided to ask help from his two companions.

"What are you waiting for? Join me and kick him out of the battle ring now!" shouted the young lad to them angrily.


The same deafening noise resounded.

This time the bronze bell was thrown backwards at a further distance.

Then several deafening sounds echoed again and again.

The Spiritual Pot struck the bronze bell many times. It didn't stop until a terrifying "boom" was heard. Eventually, the bronze bell broke into pieces and scattered on the ground of the battle ring.

"This is impossible! That bell was the divine bell that had been passed from generation to generation in our clan. It's our family heirloom. How dare you!" The young lad was in disbelief.

"Even excellent warriors at the Emperor Realm level were not able to destroy it. Yet, you destroyed it? How's that even possible?"

The young lad started to panic. His best weapon was now a shattered bronze and iron under his nose. Would he just accept defeat?

But it wasn't the end yet. The Spiritual Pot fleeted directly to the young lad and immediately ripped his spiritual sense shield. It then entered into his Soul Sea and approached his spiritual soul in an instant. Like a bomb that would explode at any minute, it unceasingly emitted a tremendous spiritual sense.

The young lad sensed death. It was like his spiritual soul would perish at any time.

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