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   Chapter 1484 Get Out Of The Ring

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"Okay, that's it! I'll fight him! And if I ever need your help, I will let you know right away. In fact, forget it! I can handle this brat on my own," the good-looking teenager boasted to the other two contestants.

The young man in black and the strong man with his hair down nodded in agreement. One of them walked to Austin's left side while the other walked to his right. Both of them ready to attack Austin at any time.

"Look, they joined hands together to deal with Austin!"

one of the speculators exclaimed at the sight of the scene.

"So smart of them to make that wise decision.

Austin is the weakest one among them.

Now that the three of them are working together, they will effortlessly kick Austin out of the battle ring in no time.

If that happens, they can break into the top three and earn themselves opportunities to become disciples of three holy lands."

"Yeah, I must agree. That's really a brilliant strategy. Once they kick the weakest out of the game, they will be called winners. It doesn't matter who wins the first place since they will still get what they want."

Some of the spectators began to keenly voice out their opinions as if they were commentating on the game.

"Damn it! That's so low!" Belle cursed with anger all over her face, clenching her fists tightly.

She wished she could dash to the battle ring to help Austin.

"Don't worry, Belle. He has a lot of tricks in his sleeves. He can handle all of them," Caroline reassured, fixing her eyes on the battle ring.

However, a trace of worry climbed up on her enchanting face.

Meanwhile, the audience on the eastern platform started discussing.

"I didn't expect these boys to be so naughty and shrew.

Looks like the contestant named Austin Lin will not have the chance to break into the top three,"

a middle-aged man of the Vasteras Holy Land remarked as a smile broke out from his lips.

"I agree with you. These guys actually did an excellent job. Austin could break into the top four because he has learned a profound sword skill and a mysterious spiritual sense martial skills.

He is just at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm. In terms of cultivation base, he is still a we

y watching the fight, eager to see some overwhelming skills and expectant of the outcome.

When they saw Austin's demonic avatar, they couldn't help but exclaim in shock.

"This is Austin's avatar!"

one spectator shouted.

"He refined a demon and made it his avatar. Since it is as powerful as a demon emperor, I bet it must be amazingly strong."

"Bravo! He might be young, but he surely could refine his own avatar. This contestant is really something!"

'Only top cultivators can refine their own avatars, but this young man successfully made it. He is so amazing, ' the audience thought.

The instant Austin's demonic avatar made its appearance, it displayed different demonic skills to hit the handsome young man.

However, to Austin's slight surprise, the appearance of the demonic avatar didn't shock the young man.

Instead, he even exerted martial skills to fight against it.

"Fuck! You even got an avatar that can match a demon emperor."

The good-looking teenager furrowed his eyebrows while engaged in a fierce battle with Austin's demonic avatar.

As their battle continued, the ring shook violently as if an earthquake had struck it.

"Get out of the battle ring, you three!" Austin said victoriously.

He glanced at his three opponents with a derisive smile on his lips.

'With the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship, the Spiritual Pot, and my demonic avatar, I'm sure as hell I can trounce them, ' Austin triumphantly thought.

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