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   Chapter 1483 The Quarter Finals

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When Austin had jumped from the battle ring, he could witness the fighting in other battle rings had already ended.

Back in the rest area, he met Belle. Belle's eyes were downcast and she was terribly depressed.

Belle met an opponent at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

She had given her unyielding efforts, yet she lost.

"My Crystal Moonlight Body is capable of exerting only a small part of its power since I haven't fully master it. If it wasn't for that, I would have definitely won the battle,"

she announced, obviously not resigned to her defeat. The defeat meant that she had already lost the chance to enter the three holy lands.

"Don't worry! Your constitution is of high quality. I have got a strong feeling that you will do great in whichever sect you join after this. I have faith in your gift and cleverness,"

Austin replied, trying to comfort her.

"Forget it. I would be greatly pleased if I could join a first-class sect in the East Mainland.

But look at you, you're more likely to become one amongst the top 3 competitors. The three holy lands will rush in order to recruit you,"

Belle said sincerely. She stopped repenting about her defeat and started encouraging Austin, before much time could pass by.

"Ha-ha. I'll try my best to make it happen,"

Austin answered in a very light tone, having a thin smile on his face.

At the same moment, the old eunuch once again appeared above the playground.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen. I have a very interesting announcement here. After the intense competition, we have finally got our top 4 players.

I must admit that I'm really impressed by some new faces in this tournament.

For instance, Austin, a warrior at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm, succeeded in defeating all of his opponents and became a top 4 player. It is something unbelievable and I'm very certain that most of you here wouldn't believe it if you didn't saw it by yourselves. But it did happen here.

Before much time could pass by, let me make a long story short. All the top 4 players are requested to step into the 1st battle ring and appear in the final round.

And now… The top 3 finals begin,"

the old eunuch announced the beginning of the finals

"Be careful Austin, and you'

ounds great. After all, joining the three holy lands and becoming an official disciple is something that matters most to us.

Winning the championship comes second in the list of my goals. By then, I won't regret coming to this tournament but wasting my chance of joining the holy lands,"

the sturdy teenager at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm replied and nodded his agreement.

"Okay! With this being the case, I think we should work together and kick this weak guy out of the battle ring first.

Then, we can continue doing our other things,"

the handsome teenager proposed again. He eyed Austin closely and then released the pressure of his vital energy recklessly. The pressure was flowing to Austin as violently as raging torrents. It almost materialized, took shape and struck Austin.

The other two competitors immediately understood what the handsome teenager meant. His movement signaled a joint attack against Austin.

"This makes things easier."

The cold young man wearing black smirked. The coldness from him poured out reaching Austin.

"Fine. Let us make it happen here. Right now!"

the man with dense black hair flowing down his broad shoulders said in a deep voice. He opened his eyes widely, making him seem like a beast. Besides that, he also looked like a wild and savage man who was ready to tear a tiger apart with his bare hands.

"Fuck you all. You cowards dare attack me together!"

Austin shouted back at the top of his voice, raging at their shameless plot.

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