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   Chapter 1482 I Yield! (Part Two)

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Shoop! Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

Disappearing and appearing in several different places, it was clear that Austin had applied his Diabolic Flashing Skill to avoid the attacks. Running backwards, he pulled out his sword and activated the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship, meeting the strikes of the halberd with a loud clash. Each time Austin swung the sword, lights from it entered the point of the halberd and its blue light became fainter.

The sound of metal on metal rang through the battle ring. All the spectators' heads followed in synchronization as the two fought.

From the spot where the two weapons clashed, a gleam formed. From the gleam, countless blue dragons rose and fell to collide head-on with the sword-lights. Tiny, bright sparks appeared as they both disappeared in puffs of smoke.

With sparks flying everywhere, the vital energy force was bound to touch them. And when it did, it lit up the air, causing explosions.

The ground shook and the air was filled with smoke. Giant holes and cracks were made in the heavy stones that constructed the battle ring. Many of the crowd had run to take cover elsewhere.

Luckily, there were many defense arrays set on the battle ring to protect it from the impact and the warriors' skills. The ring would be demolished otherwise and the two would be fighting on ruins.

"Well, this is more impressive than I expected,"

Austin commented. Even though the young man was his opponent, he couldn't help but praise him for the effort he was putting in. Austin gritted his teeth and pushed his sword forward. He only had to hold on a bit longer.

Once more, Austin thought about how the warriors in the Divine Continent were stronger than those in the Prime Martial World.

If he were in the Prime Martial World, Austin could easily kill a warrior at the Semi-emperor Realm with his Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship. Perhaps it was because the warriors there used a vital energy force that had a weak base compared to Austin's strong one. They were only capable of mastering low-grade martial arts. Also, the magic treasures they owned were mostly low-grade too.

If this young man were to travel to the Prime Martial World and bring along his halberd, which was a high-grade primeval magic treasure, it would shock everyone there and they would surely attack him to steal it.

Those warriors would no

s only a battle and this young man was not Austin's real enemy. He might have said some things that made him angry but Austin did not plan to kill him. He only wanted victory.

"If it had been based only on fighting capability, I don't think I would have lost this battle. In case you didn't notice, I had pinned you down and was about to win.

Your spiritual sense attack was too sneaky. I wouldn't have surrendered if you had fought fairly,"

the young man argued, looking Austin straight in the eye.

"You are right, except for the spiritual sense part.

There is more to a battle than fighting skills. A warrior must be able to master powerful spiritual sense and use it well, don't you think? So, one way or the other, you have lost,"

Austin answered, still smiling slightly.

"Well, that makes sense," said the young man.

Austin noted that the young man's face had softened after hearing his words. He had to remember that not all warriors had the training and experience that he had.

"You are a good warrior. I hope we can meet again soon. As friends, you know? Not in a battle ring like this,"

he replied in a quiet voice. It seemed that Austin's opinion on fighting had convinced him. Perhaps he would go on to learn more about the spiritual sense. The young man nodded at Austin and then turned and walked out of the battle ring.

"He sure is an interesting guy,"

Austin said to himself, staring at the young man's back as he retreated. When the young man was out of sight, Austin applied his bodily movement skill to leave the battle ring, too.

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