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   Chapter 1481 I Yield! (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7330

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"Fine. You've had your chance, but now it looks like I'll have to beat you right out of this battle ring. No more games,"

declared the young man, who was at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm. Austin shrugged and planted his feet apart, preparing for a fight. Anger bubbled through him like lava in a volcano when he saw that Austin had taken his threat lightly. Powerful vital energy force surged through him and burst from his body.

The wave that the vital energy force had caused swept violently towards Austin. Having come from a Semi-emperor Realm warrior, the wave was more powerful than anything he could possess. Austin took one step backwards, watching as the force rushed towards him like a tornado, wreaking havoc on the battle ring. Before he could move, the waves were closing in on him.

After he had managed to block Austin's vision, the young man lifted one of his arms slowly. Through the hurtling waves, Austin noticed that streams of dazzling, white light were flooding onto the young man's arm and spinning quickly around his skin.

The light curled together and grew brighter as it began to transform. Austin blinked, and by the time he opened his eyes, a white, gigantic python had risen from the young man's arm and rushed upwards into the air. The beast had three heads and each of their jaws were snapping with dozens of gleaming, knife-like teeth. The three of them whipped their heads around, clearly disoriented as they searched for their prey. Their huge, black eyes and their bright, red tongues darted out, smelling the air for Austin.

The crowd gasped in awe as the young man laughed out loud. Austin could not move, partly out of fear and partly out of amazement. It was clear that the young man had transformed the white light on his arm into a beast soul of a three-head, white python, something else Austin was not capable of doing. The fearsome creature uncoiled and raised itself so that it was looming over Austin. He recoiled as its bright and poisonous tail thrashed. Behind it, the young man's twisted smile was widening again.


As the beast gave a terrible roar, it lunged towards Austin and snapped its jaws, narrowly missing

o finish Austin as soon as possible.

The young man did not respect Austin, that much was clear. However, since his first attempt with the snakes had failed, he had realized that he could not underestimate him. So, when he had launched his second attack, he had used his best power. He had been saving the best for last even though he was aware he should be careful. Austin had made it to the final round. Out of three thousand contestants, he had come out on top. He was skilled, but he did not possess a halberd.

Even when fighting a weak enemy, it was wise to use the most powerful weapons to ensure his defeat. Besides, there was too much importance riding on the battle. It could be the decider of their whole future.

Austin's limbs jerked and swung, but he could not fend off the attacks long enough to find a way to defend himself. Austin's face darkened as he met the eyes of the dragon that was about to sweep towards him again.

There was no doubt in Austin's mind that the halberd was one of the most powerful weapons he had ever encountered. Not only did it produce a massive dragon, but it also made the user stronger.

Doom filled Austin as he realized the young man's strength had surpassed that of any ordinary warrior at the premium stage of Semi-emperor Realm.

And the halberd skill he was displaying now was of the strongest martial arts. Clenching his fists, Austin decided he had to act or he would be defeated within minutes.

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