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   Chapter 1480 The Finale Began

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After Peyton finished his speech, the jade slips of fifteen contestants qualified for the final round started to light up with their assigned numbers.

"What? I need to wait for another round," the disappointed Austin murmured as he looked at his jade slip.

His jade slip didn't light up.

Belle's jade slip indicated number 5.

Apart from Austin, all the other fourteen participants quickly dashed towards their respected battle rings.

Belle flew towards the No. 5 battle ring.

Soon seven pairs of contestants started their fights in each battle ring.

Austin started to observe each contestant in the ring and assessed their real strength one by one.

After he scrutinized each contestant's battle skills, he was able to gather some useful information.

He found out that the fourteen participants were very strong and incredibly powerful geniuses.

Four of them were Semi-emperor Realm masters, eight were at the premium stage of Holy Realm, one was at the medium stage of Holy Realm and another one at the preliminary stage of Holy Realm.

The contestant whose cultivation base was at the medium stage of Holy Realm was a maid. She had short green hair, and her attractive figure was quite noticeable despite the loose pink dress that she was wearing.

She was less than twenty years old but looked mature and sexy. She had a tall, slender, and well-proportioned body. And her face was blessed with fine features and a pair of mesmerizing blue eyes.

She was a very enchanting girl who could charm any men in the world.

But she didn't look attractive when she was in the battle mode.

She used a big steel blade as her weapon and it was more than two meters long. It was a high-grade primeval magic treasure.

Nine streaks of visible, powerful blade aura constantly surrounded her.

The maiden had mastered the level six blade potential. During her fight, she displayed a terrifying blade skill. Once she waved her blade, nine streaks of blade aura which contained destructive power appeared. Austin speculated that even cultivators who were at the premium stage of Holy Realm would be scar

g Golden Armor. And when Ladd exhibited the Blood Combustion Skill, he couldn't do anything about it.

Luckily Austin had thought of the Spiritual Pot and ended Ladd with it.

The sad reality of the cultivators was the huge skill gap between the cultivators from the big worlds and the ones from the small worlds.

"Hey, are you there? Come on, are you going to fight me?" the young man who was at the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm boldly asked Austin.

While Austin was in deep thought, he assumed that he was in the midst of struggle as to whether he would quit the battle or not.

"I advise you to get out of here. Be a more practical man and live in reality. Don't think luck will always be on your side. Whether you will fight me or not, you'll be the loser anyway. You're no match for me. If you give up right now, you'll avoid getting injured. I'm doing this for your sake," the young man said while he smiled haughtily.

The young man was very confident of himself, and he believed that he was more superior compared to Austin.

After all, he had reached the medium stage of Semi-emperor Realm while Austin was just a Semi-holy Realm cultivator of the preliminary stage.

There was a huge gap between their cultivation bases.

However, the young man's words left Austin speechless.

"You speak too much.

Are you coming here to fight or to argue?"

Austin snapped at his opponent.

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