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   Chapter 1479 Entering The Finals

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Caroline sat restlessly on the chair. She felt so worried about Austin. She clenched his fist tightly because of anxiety.

Inside the battle ring, Belle's opponent was completely no match for her after she activated the Crystal Moonlight Body. So despite being in a fight, she was still able to keep an eye on Austin. She was also worried sick about his situation.

Meanwhile, Austin was also in a fight and he seemed to be in a difficult situation. He was using the Diabolic Flashing Skill to dodge the attacks of the bloody palm in his battle ring.

He was also trying to find an opportunity to fight back with his level six sword domain or the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship.

For a moment, none of them could win. Just like Austin, his opponent was also very eager to take him down.

However, Austin also knew different kinds of attacks. He was only waiting for the perfect timing since his opponent was very keen. He needed to use a different strategy if he wanted to defeat him.

"Huh! Is that the best you can do? Escaping like a rat?" shouted Ladd.

He was so pissed off because he still couldn't kill Austin despite having the magic treasure at his disposal.

'It seems that the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship doesn't have any effects on him. He's not even showing signs of pain every time I hit him. I have to find another way, ' Austin thought while examining his opponent.

'How about the Spiritual Pot? I haven't tried its power yet.'

Austin made a quick decision and wasted no time.

He immediately connected his mind's spiritual sense to the Omnipotent Pot.


The Spiritual Pot inside the Omnipotent Pot slightly quivered as a response to Austin's spiritual sense. Then it dashed into Ladd's Soul Sea at an incredible speed.

"Argh! This is impossible!" Ladd cried in shock.

He stood still on the ground with mouth and eyes wide open. His face was filled with fear and astonishment. All of a sudden, he was already breathless lying on the ground.

"What the hell?" the whole audience chorused in awe.

Everything happened in a sudden.

No one thought that Austin possessed such power.

Everyone from the audience fell into a state of confusion. How did everything happen?

Ladd obviously had the upper hand in the fight but all of a sudden he was killed by such a weird power.

On the other hand, Austin was overjoyed by what happened. Using the power of the Spiritual Pot was the rightest decision he had ever made.

The Spiritual Pot directly broke into Ladd's Soul Sea and tore his spiritual soul apart effortlessly. Ladd didn't expect it to happen so he wa

petition platform.

He must have important announcements to make.

"Attention, everyone!" he shouted to catch the audience's attention.

"We have selected the top fifteen warriors that will enter the finals.

These warriors will be battling against each other then we will choose the top three of the Martial Arts Tournament.

Aside from the prizes, the top three warriors will also get a chance to become disciples of the three holy lands."

Everyone was silent and was listening intently to the announcement.

"The finals will have three rounds. In the first round, fourteen warriors will fight in pair. That means there will be a lucky one who will not fight. From the fourteen warriors, half of them will be eliminated.

In the second round, the remaining seven warriors plus the lucky one will battle. Again, half of them will be eliminated.

In the last round, the four warriors will go inside one battle ring and have a melee. They can attack whoever they want. The first to fall out of the battle ring will rank fourth. Then the two next will rank third and second.

The last warrior standing will be declared the champion."

The old eunuch was able to explain the rules clearly with the help of the vital energy force. It helped his voice resounded through the air like thunder.

"Now, the finals of the Martial Arts Tournament will officially start!''

After his words, the old eunuch disappeared from the platform.

Everyone's enthusiasm ran high. The spectators were so excited for the battle to begin.

The fifteen warriors also looked proud and excited. To be in the top fifteen was already an honor but they were still aiming for more.

This was their only chance to become the disciples of the three holy lands.

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