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   Chapter 1478 The Ancient Blood Combustion Skill

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In particular, as a dark horse of the Martial Arts Tournament, Austin attracted most of the attention from the audience. It was surprising that his strength was only at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm but he could kill the opponents at the premium stage of Holy Realm. Most of the audience was staring intently at him. They were looking forward to witnessing how much further improvement Austin could make in the following competitions.

Austin and Belle's performance had been great. Aside from them, there were several other contestants whose performance was amazing. What was worth to mention was that a few young warriors had demonstrated the strength of Semi-emperor Realm.

The majority of the audience had regarded them secretly as the best candidates included in their personal top ten picks.

Even those prestigious people seated at the luxury grandstand midair on the east side of the competition venue were amazed. They were the representatives of the major sects from the East Mainland, including the three Holy Lands. They nodded from time to time to show how pleased they were with this year's Martial Arts Tournament held by the Solamnia Kingdom. It was truly wonderful! What made them more delighted was that they had found quite a lot of young candidates with great potential. If they could receive them as their disciples, they would become the future elite of their respective sects after they were well-trained. It was guaranteed from what they showcased earlier.

Finally, the seventh round of the competition was over. The previous rounds had already eliminated most of the contestants.

After seven rounds, only thirty players out of the three thousand contestants were left to advance further. These thirty players had all proved themselves deserving. Thus, it was not difficult to imagine how fierce the competition had been and was going to be. Sure, it would be fiercer in the next rounds.

Both Austin and Belle had successfully entered the top thirty. They would both advance to the next rounds.

Meanwhile, Ladd also made it to the top thirty.

'Austin, without any doubt, you will die in the next round!'

Ladd thought irritably, staring at Austin with murderous intent in his eyes. He had wanted Austin to get eliminated in the previous rounds.

The upcoming eighth round would further reduce the number of players who would make it to the end. It would determine the players who would be included in the top fifteen.

The top fifteen players would be given the opportunity to join the East Mainland's top sects! No one dared to miss such a good opportunity! Everyone would be restless until they won that round.

It didn't take long until the eighth round of the competition finally started.


The jade slip in Austin's hand buzzed with a flash of light, projecting the number eight. It meant that Austin's competition would take place at the eighth battle ring.

At the same time, the jade slip in Belle's hand also lit up. It projected the number twelve. Belle puffed out a breath. She felt relieved that her opponent was not Austin. She saw that they had different numbers.

Before they left for the battle, Belle looked at Austin with a smile on her beautiful and charming face. Her face lit up and she gestured to Austin.

"Fighting!" she said to Austin, with encouragement in her eyes.

Then, within a blink of an eye, she disappeared abruptly and flew towards the twelfth battle ring, leaving only a fragrant bre

forget to tell you! To protect me from any harm at this year's Martial Arts Tournament, my grandfather hired a weapon refiner at a high price to refine this Dazzling Gold Armor for me. The armor is strong enough to easily resist any attacks from a warrior at the Emperor Realm.

Austin, no matter how powerful your swordsmanship is, you can't hurt me now.

This time, you are doomed!" Ladd snarled coldly. His eyes matched the deadly threat he portrayed.

After he exercised that Blood Combustion Skill, his voice started to sound quite hoarse. While he was speaking, a thick bloody odor could be smelt. It lingered in the air and made the battle ring atmosphere heavier.

At that particular moment, Austin couldn't help but have a bitter smile. He calculated the situation in his head.

'My means of attack is very limited.

My most powerful ones include only the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship and the sword domain at level six.

As for the other martial arts that I have grasped before, most of them are no longer an option because their attacking abilities are just too low to help me.

Now, my two most powerful attacks couldn't kill Ladd. What other means can I use now?' Austin was thinking fast and desperately.

"Go to hell!"

Ladd snapped hoarsely. As he exclaimed at Austin, the huge bloody palm slammed towards Austin. It looked like the evilest demon that fell from the sky hit him and the thick bloody smell filled the entire battle ring.

For a moment, the audience only saw the eighth battle ring was filled with bloody lights. They could only hear the loud and continuous whistling sounds. They were now holding their breaths and found it hard to tear their eyes off the eighth battle ring.

"Oh, no, that contestant will definitely be finished off soon.

It's such a pity. I have thought that he was a dark horse of the Tournament and could get a better rank in this round," one of the audience said and heaved a deep sigh. Most of the audience assumed Austin would lose based on what they saw.

Before Austin's battle with Ladd, most of the audience had been paying attention to him. Due to his outstanding performance, they had high expectations of him. But after witnessing how strong his opponent was, they soon changed their mind and even felt a little worried about him.

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