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   Chapter 1477 The Crystal Moonlight Body

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Austin watched as Belle entered battle ring No. 20.

Her opponent was already standing in the ring, eagerly waiting for her. He was a thin, short man in his twenties and he was unarmed.

The man was already at the premium stage of Holy Realm while Belle was just at the preliminary stage of Holy Realm.

Despite being two levels lower than her opponent, Austin was surprised to see how composed and calm Belle was. He stared at her for quite a while and noticed a hint of ferocity in her twinkling eyes. She was just standing still while holding her silver whip. No trace of nervousness or fear on her beautiful face.

'Looks like she has something up her sleeve, ' Austin speculated with a smile.

He was really looking forward to seeing Belle's performance.

"Ladd sent you to put me down, didn't he?" Belle asked the man in her coldest tone.

The man smirked.

"Ha-ha! You're such a smart girl, and very attractive too." The man scanned her from head to toe with a sinister smile.

"But I won't show you any mercy. I am not interested in you. You will go to hell today! Dragon Claw!!!"

As the man stretched his arm, a vital energy came out of his hand and formed a huge claw. It looked so powerful that it could tear anything into pieces.

"Don't flatter yourself too much," Belle retorted with a snort.

Then layers of visible thin light came out of her body. It was like a moonlight covering her whole being. With her dress dancing in the wind, she looked like a stunning fairy.

Moreover, a transparent glowing crescent came out of her head and soared into the sky.

The battle ring was bathed in bright lights.

Belle unleashed an invisible yet overwhelming power.

"I've never heard about this skill," the short man murmured. He was so surprised of what he saw.

Apparently, he was startled by the power that Belle showed. Now he felt skeptical about defeating her.

But he couldn't let Belle see his true feelings. He was a man and he must be superior over a woman's power, so he composed himself and pretended to be brave. "Fuck! You can't fool me with your little trick. I'm going to kill you!" he bellowed. This time he wore a vicious expression on his face.

The huge claw immediately attacked Belle.

However, Belle was already prepared. She swung her whip and the crescent flew towards the huge claw. It mercilessly turned the claw into powder.

"You're as good as dead," Belle said in an emotionless to

'We have prepared for so long to eliminate all the members of the Xiao Family, especially Belle and Austin, from the Martial Arts Tournament. But things didn't go as I expected. These two showed their amazing powers, ' Ladd thought.

'Those participants who accepted our bribe might be in trouble. I'm sure, Belle and Austin will make things difficult for them, ' he continued to analyze silently.

But this wasn't the end yet. Ladd had no plan to give up.

He had something up his sleeve.

'Humph! It doesn't matter. I always have a back-up plan. This time I will end your lives in my own hands. I will personally take revenge for my brother!'

Ladd clenched his fist as he continued to stare at Belle and Austin.

His eyes showed a severe spite.

Soon, the second round came to an end.

There were 750 participants who qualified for the third round.

As they had agreed, Belle and Austin didn't show any mercy to their opponents in the next few rounds.

They took their opponents' lives without second thoughts because they knew that they were sent by the Liu Family.

Austin could slain cultivators who had reached the premium stage of Holy Realm effortlessly by unleashing the level 6 sword domain or the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship.

Belle, on the other hand, thanked her special constitution because it helped her eliminate Holy Realm cultivators who were at the premium stage without any trouble.

Although Austin's and Belle's cultivation bases were not that high, they defeated their opponents. Because of this, they soon became the center of attention and the dark horses of the tournament.

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