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   Chapter 1476 Great That You Killed Them

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"Are you powerful enough that I have to run?"

It was not enough that Austin said that with a mocking tone, but he looked so calm and relaxed at the same time. He knew that it would be easy to defeat a master at the medium stage of Holy Realm since he had killed many masters at the Semi-emperor Realm before.

"Let me try my level six sword domain,"

Austin whispered as he watched the 30-meter-high vital energy force tornado hurling toward him.


Austin started activating his level six sword domain without any reservations.

Suddenly, the whole battle ring was filled with fierce sword auras, interwoven together and forming a huge net, almost enveloping the entire battle ring. This was Austin's powerful sword domain!

Under his sword domain attack, the 30-meter-high tornado began to rapidly slow down, and its power was also gradually weakened.

Seconds later, the tornado was spinning in circles, unable to get close to Austin, let alone attack him.

"Well, with my level six sword domain, I can easily defeat any cultivator at the medium stage of Holy Realm."

Austin nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the intense effect of his swordsmanship skill.

He knew that once he mastered the level six sword domain, he could kill the other cultivators in his realm within a short time.

Meanwhile, on the east side of the battle ring, someone, who sat in the luxurious grandstand in midair, was talking about Austin.

"Wow, a guy at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm has actually reached level six sword domain. Good, looks like he's got talent in swordsmanship.

If he keeps up this pace, he will surely be able to master the power of the sword enlightening. I wonder what place he'll end up in this tournament.

If he makes it to the top ten, we can consider admitting him to our sect," said a middle-aged man, whose body was surrounded by frightening sword-light. He looked dignified as he talked with a slight smile.

His eyes fell on Austin, who was in the 98th battle ring below. The middle-aged man appeared so interested in Austin down there.

"Ha-ha! Buddy, if you really want him to join your sect, you can directly

m. He didn't expect Austin to kill two of his people in succession.

At the moment, he glanced at Austin with angry eyes, eager to rush and kill the young man right off the bat.

Meanwhile, on the east side of the floating grandstand, several people were talking about Austin too.

"Well, I can't believe this guy has mastered such powerful swordsmanship.

The sword aura he exerted was actually a combination of sword aura and spiritual sense.

It was so fast and robust that even a cultivator at the premium stage of Holy Realm may not be able to withstand it.

I nearly underestimated him. He has a chance of making the top ten. I hope he plays well."

The man who had sword-light around him seemed to grow interested in Austin.

"Indeed, this guy is a bit of a surprise.

Maybe he really has a chance to become a disciple of your sect," agreed the man who had silver light above his head.

Obviously, they all watched Austin's fight and witnessed how overwhelming his abilities were.

A moment later, the second round began.

The jade slips of the competitors, who were in the second round, lit up, signaling their turn to compete.

Belle's jade slip also radiated, and a number appeared in it—20.

"Good luck! I suspect your opponent is also someone Ladd has arranged in advance.

Be careful," Austin reminded Belle.

"Don't worry. I got this!"

Belle smiled at Austin and dashed towards the 20th battle ring.

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