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   Chapter 1475 Keep The Field

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Austin had killed the young man in black. He felt really exhausted and then returned to the rest area.

"What happened?"

Austin asked Belle upon returning there. Belle's face was cadaverous and full of rage.

"Two disciples of Xiao Family have been seriously injured, and they are faint. Their condition is really critical. It's uncertain to say even if they could survive,"

Belle gnashed her teeth symbolizing anger and the chillness in her body. The space around her petite body was also cold and the temperature was much lower.

"Take the Magic Sea Water and give it to the injured disciples. Maybe it will work,"

Austin said and took out a bottle of the Magic Sea Water from Space Ring and handed it to Belle.

"The legendary Magic Sea Water!"

exclaimed Belle. She took over the jade bottle, opened and stood there awestruck for a while. She was totally overwhelmed.

The Magic Sea Water, even in the Divine Continent, was a rare healing medicine.

"Thank you. With the Magic Sea Water, they will be cured in a really short time."

Belle hurried away with the Magic Sea Water in her hand. Apparently, she was eager to cure the injured disciples.

The competition went on.

During that Martial Arts Tournament, a total of 3, 000 young warriors took part in it.

In the first round, the Warriors competed with each other in batches. The brave ones would strive to win, whereas the feeble-hearted ones would be phased out.

Finally, after about four hours, all the young warriors finished the competition. Ending the first stage of the competition officially.


All of a sudden, an old eunuch appeared directly over the playing field.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the first part is officially over.

After the tough battle, there are 1, 500 players left for the second part.

Similar to the first part, the second part will be conducted in batches as well.

Three.. Two.. One.. The second part of the competition starts,"

announced the old eunuch disappearing into the air.

Then, the jade slips of many players began to

ed was extremely powerful.

However, Austin had just achieved the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm, and his vital energy force was hardly enough to defeat the young man in purple.

"Well, I can't believe you've survived so long!"

the young man told in disbelief. His vital energy force of the medium stage of Holy Realm. Seeing that Austin just retreated a few steps and did not get any damage, the young man became dreary.

He just said that it was easy to crush Austin with a little vital energy force.

He was embarrassed that he was unable to finish Austin as he claimed.

"Well, I seemed to look down on you."

the young man in purple slowly exhaled a breath.

The next moment.

"Take the taste of the Pithy Wind Formula!"

the young man in purple violently shouted.


A fierce flow of vital energy force formed a giant cyclone on the battle ring. It was enormous. A dozen feet tall and a quite a few meters in width. It seemed like a tornado rumbling towards Austin.

Obviously, it was a very profound and formidable martial art skill.

Austin moved from his place. He used the Diabolic Flashing Skill to shift his body away from its original position.


The enormous whirlwind followed Austin's figure and chased it like a shadow.

"Ha-ha! Boy, you can't escape."

The young man in purple burst into evil laughter.

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