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   Chapter 1474 Fight And Win

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The battle was on. Austin appeared in the No. 140 battle ring.

He had barely landed on the ground when a black light zoomed towards the battle ring.

The light was a young man in black. He showed up and stood opposite Austin.

Judging the ferocious expression in this man's eyes, Austin already knew he didn't come to play nice. What was worse, he had reached the premium stage of Semi-holy Realm.

The young man in black studied Austin from head to foot, his playful yet defiant eyes squinting, and his lips making a smug smirk.

"Austin Lin, right?

I don't understand how a loser like you would cross Ladd. Ha, you even murdered Rogan!

Nothing personal, though. I'm just here for business. Ladd wants me to extract you out of the ring and finish you. In return, I got to take home a handsome reward." He even made the "money sign" as he said the last sentence, rubbing his thumb with his index and middle fingers.

"In short, you've met your doom."

The young man in black circled Austin as he continued his intimidating remarks.

"To be honest, I feel bad about taking a life in public, especially when the representatives from top sects in the East Mainland and the three holy lands are watching. They might not like me anymore when they see you die in utter suffering and embarrassment.

So, I'm going to give you a chance. Do it yourself, take your own life.

That way, you can do it quickly. If you refuse my kindness, you'll die a slow and painful death... in my hands!"

the young man in black scoffed, tapping his hand against the other behind his back.

He was so convinced that he could beat Austin effortlessly and quickly, since he was at the premium stage of Semi-holy Realm, while the latter was only at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm.

Austin looked at the young man in black's overbearing speech with a poker face, signifying his calm and the storm he could bring thereafter. When the young man was done, however, Austin let out a sneer. "Are you done with your bullshit? If yes, then why don't you make a move now and do what you claim you could do to me?"

He h

the aid of their spiritual sense.


The sword aura had hit the young man in black even before he could figure out what Austin had just released.

"What the hell?"

The young man gawked at Austin with an expression that was far from his arrogant stance minutes before.

He was cut in half, clean and quick, and his two halves thumped on the floor. His eyes were still wide open.

Mouths of spectators who were watching the fight fell open at the turn of events.

That a Semi-holy Realm cultivator of the preliminary stage took down one at the premium stage of Semi-holy Realm was something they never expected to happen.

"Damn it!"

Ladd was enraged. His face turned sour and his jaws trembled as he stared at the battle ring.

The opposite could be seen in a young man in purple, who had a wicked smile as he watched Austin win the battle.

"That Austin is something. I think I just might have a good time," he said.

He was, it turned out, sitting beside Ladd and talking to him.

"Are you sure my next opponent is Austin?"

the young man in purple asked, turning to Ladd.

"Yes. Everything has been set with Peyton. Now that Austin survived this, you're up next,"

Ladd replied nonchalantly, his eyes still fixed on the ring.

"That's music to my ears! Don't worry buddy," the young man in purple said, patting Ladd's shoulder.

"That boy will die in my hands."

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