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   Chapter 1473 My Turn

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Austin smiled slightly to himself. It was hardly noticeable but Ladd noticed and continued with his aggressive actions.

His words and actions that were meant to provoke Austin were all useless. Austin seemed to have developed an immunity on his taunting.

It was more sensible to just fight or to kill the enemy.

"Ha! Let's see if you can still smile once I am done with you!"

As he saw the smile on Austin's face, Ladd became even more serious. His face looked distressed and bitter.

"It's true that members of the Liu Clan did it!"

Austin said to Belle as he turned his head to face her.

"Oh? The Liu Clan bought countless participants to challenge our Xiao Clan! Cheaters! They don't know how to play fair."

Belle nodded her head to acknowledge Austin. Her pretty face looked mournful. She felt troubled and with a heavy heart realized what could happen once the tournament started.

Obviously, the Liu Clan made preparations to defeat them, but the Xiao Clan did not arrange any measures to fight it.

Belle was afraid that if the Martial Arts Tournament went on like this, members of the Xiao Clan could all get killed or hurt.

For this year's tournament the Xiao Clan sent men with great abilities and potential. It would be a great loss for them.

"I got it! Killing in the Martial Arts Tournament is allowed,"

Austin said in a low voice so no one else could hear him.

Just now, one member of the Xiao Clan was killed in the battle ring and the killer was not punished at all.

"You're right. Expect more deaths. Many of the participants will not be going home alive after the Martial Arts Tournament.

Since they allow killing, many participants will not bother to put on a show and display their abilities and skills.

Everyone will go for the kill! You get noticed right away and will stand out from the pool of participants. That's the goal remember? To be noticed and be selected by the sects.

It's part of the tradition, not only in our Solamnia Kingdom but also in all the kingdoms of the whole the East Mainland. They allow killings during the Martial Arts Tournament,"

Belle explained to him.

"Normally, just a few participants die during the tournament. Because as long as the participant admits defeat, his opponent should not kill him.

Unless... The two sides are sworn enemies. The game changes. No one stops, unless an opponent is dead.

The Liu Clan's behavior is unacceptable. I must avenge our Xiao Clan!"

Belle said through clenched teeth.

"Ha! It is easy. Killing is allowed remember?" Austin said grinning.

"Belle, don't worry about it. I remember the faces of the people around Ladd, including the participants from the Liu Clan.

As long as I see them at the tournament, none of them will be going home alive!"

Austin's gaze turned serious. He was a ruthless man and his eyes showed it.

Austin was aware that the Liu Clan planned to kill the members of the Xiao Clan at the Martial Arts Tournament. They also arranged someone powerful to fight against him as well. It was part of a plan to revenge the death of Rogan Liu, whom he killed in the Black-wind Beast World!

The Liu Clan

, how could you do this?"

As he witnessed the death and the suffering of his members, the Prime Minister of Xiao Clan was suddenly filled with rage. He shouted at Rodolfo, unmindful of the people around him.

"Ha-Ha! Waldron Xiao. Don't be like that. Who knows what will happen during the fight. We allow killings during the tournament, remember? People are meant to die today. You have to accept the fate of your people. If the members of the Xiao Clan cannot accept this reality, you may go ahead and leave the Martial Arts Tournament,"

Rodolfo said smiling coldly.

"You! All right! Rodolfo Liu, if that's how you want it!"

Waldron, the Prime Minister glared at Rodolfo. His face turned red with anger. He was trying hard not to throw an arrow towards Rodolfo.

"Be quiet! Stop making noises! We're watching the game! If you want to fight, go down to the fighting arena! We will watch you from here!"

One of the three distinguished men who was seated at the center shouted at the Prime Minister and Rodolfo.

Both Waldron and Rodolfo were frightened and decided to keep quiet on their own corners.

The people from the three holy lands were so powerful, and they knew they would better not to annoy them on a public gathering such as the tournament.

At the fighting area, an intense fight was going on.

The first round of fight had ended.

It signaled the beginnings of the second round.

The jade slips started to light up from the participant's hands. It turned bright yellow to highlight the name of the participants. People were able to see it from the bleachers.


The jade slip in Austin's hand turned bright yellow.

A number appeared. It was 140.

"Ha-ha! It's my turn!"

Austin said with a smile. He was excited and was eager to show off his skills.

Caroline offered him her hand like a true queen. Austin held her hand gently and gave it a squeeze to assure her. "Be careful," she told him.

"Go for it!"

Belle said to Austin.

Austin nodded his head and then moved swiftly towards the direction of the battle ring. The number 140 glowed on his hand.

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