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   Chapter 1472 The Unfortunate Experience Of The Xiao Clan's Disciples

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Austin wondered as he looked at Belle's strange face. He then turned and followed Belle's gaze.

It was the 60th battle ring.


A young man in black clothes, who seemed to be in his early twenties, was suddenly thrown up high. He spat blood from his mouth, and his body landed on the ground of the battle ring with a sickening thud.

The young man was Albin. He was one of the family members of the Xiao Clan. He was also a very competent warrior at the premium stage of Semi-holy Realm.

Austin was not that familiar with him, although they both started from the Prime Minister's Mansion and came to the battleground together.

Albin looked miserable. His whole elixir field shattered, and a terrifying bloody palm print was spotted on his belly. All of his vital energy was gone.

He became a disabled warrior, and he could no longer practice any martial arts.

"No!" You filthy bastard. How could you destroy my cultivation base? I have already admitted my defeat,"

Albin shouted at the top of his lungs. He was fuming with anger as he stared at his opponent with bitterness, hatred, and desperation.

His opponent was a young man. He wore a lined short jacket made of animal skin, and he looked like a wild and unruly animal, who seemed to be eager to fight and kill.

"You're right. I heard you speaking to me and begging for my mercy,"

the young man replied. He stooped down and slowly whispered inaudible words at Albin's ear, that only he could hear.

He then stood up and gave out a loud cruel laugh. He turned around and left the battle ring and didn't even bother to look back.


That little prick mercilessly shattered Albin's elixir field and destroyed his cultivation base even though he had stopped fighting and admitted defeat!"

Belle clenched her fist tightly. She was so enraged by the ruthless attack of Albin's opponent.

"Shit. Kane's two legs were hacked off!"

At the moment, another guy from the Xiao Clan who sat near Belle suddenly started to shout.

They instantly looked at the center of the 136th battle ring.

A sturdy young man, who looked around 23 or 24 years old, sprawled on a pool of blood. His anguished screams were terrifying as he writhed on the floor in great pain.

His feet and shanks had been cut off, and a great spurt of blood gushed out from the wounds.

He was another gifted young man from the Xiao Clan, and he was called Kane.

In the middle of the ring stood a teenager. He held a sharp scimitar in his right hand, and his face was expressionless and cold.

Droplets of blood dripped down the scimitar slowly.

"Look there, Patti

l of them have been badly injured or even killed by our people. I want to know how Belle is feeling and what will be their next move,"

said a young man as he laughed at the other warriors' misfortune. He was one of the twenty-odd young warriors standing with Ladd.

"I told you before that the Xiao Clan would suffer a great loss in this tournament. I'm a very serious man.

Keep this in mind, once your opponent in the battle ring is a disciple from the Xiao Clan, don't be soft-hearted. You might as well beat them to death.

If you do what I'm telling you to do, you'll be greatly rewarded.

You don't have to worry about anything. My grandpa has already manipulated the rules and bribed the referees to make sure that all of you will have an opponent from the Xiao Clan," Ladd said confidently and gloatingly.

"Haha, consider it done, young master,"

another young warrior said to Ladd obediently.

"By the way, isn't the young man standing beside Belle the murderer of your younger brother?"

another young warrior with a fine figure suddenly said to Ladd while he pointed his finger at Austin.

After Ladd heard what he said, his face suddenly turned gloomy and vicious as he stared at Austin murderously.

"You're right. He killed my brother in the Black-wind Beast World.

If he will be your opponent in the battle ring, kill him instantly,"

Ladd said in a slow and firm tone.

Meanwhile, Austin felt that he was being stared at by someone from afar. He looked around and found Ladd's vicious glances. Then their eyes met and glared at each other.

Austin wasn't frightened. On the contrary, he gave Ladd a faint smile.

Ladd stretched out his right hand and moved it through his neck as he warned Austin of his doom.

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