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   Chapter 1470 Tournament Rules

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The crowd stood silently and watched on as Austin grabbed his opponent by the collar. His other hand formed a fist and punched him across the jaw. The man groaned and peered at Austin through squinted eyes. Austin raised his hand again.

The sound of flesh meeting flesh cut through the tense air. With each hit, the man became weaker, slouching in Austin's grip.

Despite his hatred towards the man, Austin controlled his powers so that the man wouldn't pass out from the pain. Both of their faces were twisted: Austin's in fury and the man's in excruciating pain.

Within seconds, the man's face had turned so swollen and purple that even his friends could not recognize him. Blood oozed from his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose and dripped onto the dusty, dirt at their feet. His mouth opened and his eyes widened as Austin aimed another punch at him.

"Oh, no!

Please let me go. I'm so sorry and I promise that I will never do it again..." the man pleaded in a trembling voice.

Austin scanned him. His shoulders were slumped and his knees were buckling. If he paid close enough attention, he could even see the man's lips quivering.

The man had not expected Austin to overtake him. Austin had beat him so heavily that he could not attempt to fight back even if he had wanted to. Fear was sitting in his bones and the hungry look in Austin's eyes made his stomach explode with nervousness.

A malicious smile slowly spread on Austin's face. He leaned closer to the man and the smell of blood filled his nostrils. "If you ever insult my girl again, I will kill you," Austin whispered in the man's ears.

There was a promise of violence and an abundance of anger behind his words. His body tensed. One muscle at time popped up from his head down to his toes.

Before the man could respond, Austin punched him hard in the face.

The man's eyes crossed and he quickly fell away from Austin and landed on his back on the ground. A cloud of dust became suspended in the air around him.

With a final grunt, he lost his consciousness.

Austin activated the Dominant Spiritual Sense Swordsmanship and chopped the man's arms with the sword-light. He lifted him up, slapped him across the face, and knocked him down quickly in a one smooth blow.

It had taken him the couple seconds to do all this.

The resting area had fallen into a dead silence.

Thousands of participants stared at the scene with shock written all over their faces. Not one of them moved as Austin turned to face them.

"How dare you hurt innocent participants in

round shook with each beat and the sound reverberated off the surrounding village. Austin was sure that even people that were miles away could hear it.

One by one, each participant's face lit up with excitement.

Everyone present knew that sound of the drums meant that the Martial Arts Tournament, which was held every ten years, was about to begin.

Moments later, the sound of drumbeats disappeared. A quiet, serious atmosphere filled the whole square. Austin stood straight with his hands folded in front of him. Caroline placed a hand on his back.


In a flash of light, a white-haired, old eunuch appeared above the center of the square. He gestured towards the crowd and his face was kept serious.

His cultivation base was at the Bitter Sea Realm.

"Fantastic. All the participants are here," the eunuch announced loudly.

His voice was magnified over the crowd so that all the people present could hear him.

"So, I'm here to announce the official start of this year's Martial Arts Tournament.

All participants must be under 25 years of age and their cultivation bases must be above the Primal Holy Realm. If this does not describe you, you may not participate.

Only our native, young cultivators or those recommended by sects or clans in our country are qualified to join the test.

There are three thousand qualified participants in total.

The rules are simple. You will perform draws to decide your opponent and anyone who defeats their opponent continues the test, otherwise, you will be eliminated,"

the eunuch went on.

'The rules are simple and fair. The strongest person will be the winner, ' Austin remarked to himself, sighing contentedly.

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