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   Chapter 1469 To Be Provoked

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The place where the Martial Arts Tournament was scheduled to be held looked rather strange from all aspects. For starters, there was its shape: it spanned a large area in the shape of a giant pot.

Not even a pot, an upside down pot! Its bottom was broader than its top. Even after that, there still emanated from it, a feeling that it was exactly made for battle. There were hundreds of battle rings in that area and apparently, the competitors were going to be fighting in those rings.

The spectator's seating arrangement was the wall of this pot. A large number of seats were placed there at increasing heights. Each of them was high enough to be at a safe distance, and still at such an angle so that the entire field was visible from it.

Austin looked at the wall of the pot, where people crowded in. The seats were completely occupied and a constant barrage of people were coming in and going out. In fact, only a few were leaving and it was already houseful. It looked like many of them would have to stand the whole duration of the tournament.

"All right, Belle. You go on and guide the others to the resting area. They can catch their breaths, get ready, and prepare for the tournament."

Belle's grandfather told her as soon as he arrived. When he glanced at everybody around him, there was an encouraging look in his eyes.

"Yes, Grandpa!"

Belle nodded and immediately followed the order like an obedient child. She waved her hand, and led all the sixteen participants of the Xiao Clan to the resting area, which was a small tent by the side of some of the battle rings.

They had been specifically made for the participants to catch their breath in between intense rounds of battle, so that they could regain their stamina for the next round.

The Xiao Clan participants followed Belle into one of the tents.

Inside that particular area, thousands of participants were already resting, or getting ready for the fight. They were all young people under the age of 25 and each of them seemed rather eager for the upcoming fight. Their expressions seemed to be saying, "Come on already!"

The Martial Arts Tournament was a very important part of the kingdom's hierarchy. It was actually a trial which was held for cultivators from all over the Solamnia Kingdom.

These young cultivators would be admitted either by the powerful sects which were located by the East Mainland, or even by the three holy lands as long as they performed well during the Martial Arts Tournament. It was considered a huge honor, and would change their fate enormously.

So it was obvious that the participants were all eager, and had

a moment ago?

Let me tell you the truth. our Young Master Ladd's grandfather is Rodolfo, a very high-ranking official of the Solamnia Kingdom. And our young master was his favorite grandson.

If you become Young Master Ladd's woman, you will become a relative of Rodolfo. And that means you'll be able to enjoy a well-deserved high position and respect in the entire kingdom.

It will be a much better situation for you than the one you are in right now. You are spending your time with a waste of a man.

Not everyone gets such a great opportunity and you will regret it if you do not seize it.

Pretty girl, what do you think?"

The tough-looking young man asked Caroline in a playful manner. At the same time, his gaze swept over Austin's body with disdain, as if asking Caroline, "Why are you with this piece of trash?"

Caroline didn't reply. She could see that Austin's eye had become full of a murderous intent. Storm was coming!

Something strange suddenly happened.

A white flash of light was seen for less than a second. It was so quick that no one was able to see it clearly.

Shoop! Shoop!

Then, "ARGH!" The tough-looking man felt an extreme and cold pain on his shoulders. He was shocked to discover that both of his arms had been sliced away from his body and were now lying on his thighs.

Then a hand seized his collar and held him several meters up from the ground.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Before he knew what was going on, his face had endured several powerful slaps. They were so strong that he felt like a jackhammer was hitting his cheeks.

The commotion drew everyone's gaze to that area.

"Ah... You cut my arms!"

It took the tough-looking man a few moments before he realized what had happened to him.

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