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   Chapter 1468 Set Off

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There were about seven days left before the Martial Arts Tournament.

All this time, Austin and Caroline had been cultivating in the courtyard without leaving the prime minister's mansion.

Austin was aware that Rodolfo would come after him once he stepped his foot outside of Belle's grandfather's house. After all, Rodolfo knew that he had murdered his grandson.

Austin had narrowly escaped death after he was chased by a beast rider of the Vasteras Holy Land who had only reached the premium stage of Emperor Realm.

He knew that he would be easily defeated if his opponent was Rodolfo who had entered the Divine Bridge Realm.

Therefore, Austin had decided to focus on cultivation and stayed in the prime minister's residence.

Austin spent most of his time working on the Golden Sun Scripture over the next seven days.

He also tried to let the spiritual sense pot absorbed more omnipotent gas in the Omnipotent Pot.

The spiritual sense pot was a spiritual sense weapon. It was made from Austin's spiritual sense and omnipotent gas.

The Flame Emperor believed that the spiritual sense of Austin's pot was more powerful than that of an Emperor Realm master of the premium stage.

Hence, the Spiritual Pot could be one of Austin's trump cards.

In those seven days, after Austin tried for countless of times, the spiritual sense pot fused with a little more omnipotent gas.

Although he had only managed to integrate a dash of omnipotent gas into the pot, the pot still became more powerful.

Austin had also been keeping Caroline company whenever he had the time.

Since they confirmed that they were in a romantic relationship, they would often make out as any other couples did.

Austin didn't follow the Flame Emperor's advice to sleep with her.

After all, they were both not yet ready for that, particularly for Caroline.

Austin wanted to take things slow. He would just let nature take its course when it came to sex.

At last, their much-awaited day for the Martial Arts Tournament finally came.

It was at the crack of dawn when Belle dropped by to see Austin and Caroline.

She then led them to a spacious hall.

Inside the huge hall, there were about fifteen to sixteen young men who were about twenty-five years of age or lesser. All of them were members of the Xiao Family. And their cultivation bases were at the Semi-holy Realm or ab

't blame me for turning my back on you and taking side with the Grand Prince.

Someday, I will take your place and be the prime minister of this country, sooner or later.

Austin is a son of a bitch. He destroyed Alvin's cultivation base and left him there to be the diabolic beast's food.

Now that Samuel is supporting that brat, I'll make him pay the price for what that brat did to my son, '

Vincent thought furiously after he left the hall.

It turned out that Vincent had found out what Austin did to his son. Moreover, Alvin ended up as the diabolic beast's chewing food.

"Father, looks like Vincent still hates us,"

Samuel said to the prime minister through his spiritual sense with a sigh.

"Don't mind him. Just let him be. He has always been proud and arrogant.

It must be hard for him to take that I appointed you as the leader of our family instead of him.

I hope he will get over this one day,"

the prime minister responded.

No one in the hall had overheard the conversation between the father and son.

"All right. Let's go," the prime minister said flatly.

He exited the hall and jumped into the air.

The other members of the Xiao Family in the lobby also took their leave and followed the prime minister.

Austin and Caroline followed behind the Xiao Family members and flew towards the tournament site.

After a while, they landed on a huge square.

The square was crowded with people. Austin had no idea how many cultivators had signed up for the tournament.

He started looking around keenly and studied the tournament site.

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