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   Chapter 1467 Have A Walk In the Moonlight

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"Hey, Flame Emperor, how did that popped out in your mind?"

Austin asked the Flame Emperor gruffly in his Soul Sea. He was in a huff as the Flame Emperor would always tease him like that.

"Stop that, Austin! You know what it means when a young woman knocks on your door at midnight. I just don't know if you are pretending or not,"

the Flame Emperor said as he was teasing him. Of course, he would never miss any opportunity to make fun of Austin.

Austin did not pay any attention to the Flame Emperor. His eyes were falling on the shadow of a woman at the door. It was a moonlight. The shadow looked so elegant under the moon.

She was wearing a long, bluish-white dress. To him, it looked so unreal as if that woman was a fairy. Her skin was as delicate as the finest gems. Under the shining of the moonlight, she seemed to be both sexy and pure. Meanwhile, Austin felt that she also appeared holy and pure.

From head to toe, and inside and out, plus her innate temperament as the evil shadow race, she looked extremely attractive.

In a world, at that moment, the woman standing at the door looked sexy, bewitching, noble and dignified.

For a while, Austin was completely stunned by her beauty.

"You are so stunning, Caroline!"

Austin exclaimed with amazement in his eyes.

"Why are you staring like that?"

Caroline realized that Austin was staring at her body. She couldn't help but felt like she was shrinking. Now that she clearly knew her feelings for Austin, she felt a little shy and embarrassed when he looked at her like that.


Austin replied with embarrassment in his face.

"Do you mind having a walk with me now?"

Caroline asked in a low voice.

In the recent period, Caroline had been a little sentimental after the revelation of her feelings for Austin. She was no longer the brave and calm queen of her own race and would always be shy in front of him.

But before the revelation of her feelings for him, she was once a brave queen of the Evil Shadow Race who used to be serious and calm.

In the past, the sweet and romantic things, such as inviting a young man to have a walk with her in the moonlight, had never crossed her mind even once.

'Indeed, Caroline has changed a lot, '

Austin murmured in his mind.

Honestly, Austin knew very well why she had changed so much. It was all because of Austin. She loved him and wanted to spend more time with him.

When Austin witnessed how sentimental Caroline looked under the moonlight, his heart felt tender abruptly and he wanted to protect her so much.

Ever since she came out of the small alternate dimension, she had been with him. No mat

in embracing a beauty, I will decisively push her down to bed. I suggest you do the same thing as I used to do. Look at the good atmosphere tonight! You don't need to hesitate anymore."

The Flame Emperor tried to persuade Austin in his Soul Sea. He just couldn't keep his mouth shut as he found it fun to make comments on everything about Austin.

Austin said nothing to the Emperor. It seemed that the Emperor used to be casual and profligate. He estimated that the Emperor might have pushed down many innocent women.

Meanwhile, Caroline suddenly broke free from Austin's arms, stretched out her hands, gently smoothed the hair in her temples and said, "Okay. It's getting late now.

I think we need to go back for rest now."

"Alright. But are we in a hurry? Don't you want to enjoy the moonlight for a little longer?"

Austin asked.

"Don't you think you have taken enough advantage of me today?"

the queen said with a naughty smile.

"Well, Austin, I think that's enough for today's walk. In the next few days, you should spend more time on cultivation and make good preparations for the coming Martial Arts Tournament.

This Divine Continent is much different from the Prime Martial World.

Your strength may have been at the top among all the warriors from the Prime Martial World.

But, in this Divine Continent, your strength is still very weak.

I hope that my man will continue to grow stronger and in this Divine Continent. I know he will be mighty to protect me from any hardships, right?"

Caroline said with great expectation in her beautiful eyes as she looked into Austin's eyes.

"You can rest assured, Caroline! Your man won't let you down,"

Austin said in a positive manner. His eyes were flickering with great determination.

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