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   Chapter 1466 The Preliminary Stage Of Semi-holy Realm

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Somewhere in the capital of the Solamnia Kingdom stood a mansion.

It was an opulent mansion with overhanging eaves, carved railings and jade inlays.

In the huge mansion, there was a quaint living room. It had simple and pleasantly old-fashioned furnishings.

A stooped elder was sitting on a wooden armchair in that room. He looked very old. Yet his eyes were radiant with shrewdness.

He was Rodolfo, the supreme marshal of the Solamnia Kingdom!

''We have identified the murderer, grandfather! Finally, we have information about him.

My brother, Rogan, was killed by an assassin of the Xiao Clan.

I've got to know that the murderer is still hiding in the Prime Minister's mansion.

Rogan died very painfully. I have not been able to forget his last moments. We have to avenge his death!"

Rogan's brother, Ladd, mumbled in a choked voice in front of Rodolfo. He was a young man with a full wide forehead.

His father was also in the room. He had a fierce look on his face and a well-built physical frame.

The three men, who were of the same blood, gathered together in the small room and were plotting to seek revenge.

''Are you sure this guy is the murderer?''

With a wave of his hand, Rodolfo projected a portrait on the light colored curtain. The portrait was of Austin.

''Yes, I'm quite sure that he's the murderer! Once I saw him walking with Belle in the Breeze Town."

Upon seeing Austin's face portrayed on the curtain, Ladd's eyes were filled with intense murderous intent.

''The Xiao Clan is getting more and more defiant now. How dare they kill my grandson!

They will pay for their action. I will not leave them.

However, I wonder what we should do now. The Grand Prince's plan is now at the most critical moment.

If we do anything foolish, we might put the Xiao Clan on alert. In that case, they might find out what we're up to.

So, I think it's better to wait for a better opportunity to take care of them.

When the Grand Prince's plan is carried out successfully, the Xiao Clan will be at our mercy."

Rodolfo's face darkened after thinking for a short while. To ensure one hundred percent success of the bigger plan, he decided to swallow his anger.

''There's another way to seek revenge for my brother, grandfather. We can kill him in the upcoming Martial A

s also had different cultivation laws.

The Prime Martial World seemed like a small world compared to the Divine Continent, which meant that they might also have other differences in other aspects.

''Fine, that will save me much trouble."

Hearing what the Flame Emperor said, Austin put his head closer down to the ground.

He took out a jade bottle of Refined Vital Energy Liquid and drank it off. Then he began to cultivate, preparing for the breakthrough.

As he recited the cultivation formula, the spiritual energy echoed with it and constantly gathered in his house.

''Oh! It seems like Austin is about to make a breakthrough!"

Caroline, who was mediating, also noticed the anomaly in Austin's house, her eyes opening widely in joy.

Another day had passed, the night fell and the stars were shining.


Suddenly, a powerful impact vital energy force exuded from Austin's body. If it weren't Austin's mind control, the shock wave would have destroyed the whole building into ashes.

He had made a successful breakthrough and was now at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm.

Austin closed his fists tightly, trying to feel the strength of his vital energy force.

''Congratulations on your breakthrough, Austin. You are more powerful now!"

Just then, a slim and charming figure appeared at the door. She was undoubtedly Caroline.

''Oh! A beauty is coming to hug in the middle of the night. You have to seize the chance, kid."

The Flame Emperor began to tease Austin, conversing through his Soul Sea.

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