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   Chapter 1465 Martial Arts Tournament

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The giant eagle carried all the people and stopped in front of the gate of the capital city. It flapped its wings, and created a gust of strong wind, which glittered like tiny crystals in the air. The eagle flew magnificently into the capital city.

The inside of the capital city was boundless. Countless numbers of buildings, in all shapes and sizes lined up like mighty soldiers.

In a few moments, the giant eagle landed in front of an enormous arched door which was over two hundred meters high. It had two bronze doors covered with copper nails, secured by a diamond-studded bolt.

A giant plaque with the words 'Prime Minister's Mansion' hang above the two bronze doors.

A few dozen gigantic guards in uniform formed an army and stood nearby to secure the place.

The people jumped off from the eagle. Samuel waved his hand into the air and turned the giant eagle into a flash of light. It whistled as it disappeared inside his sleeve.

Inside the Prime Minister's Mansion were dozens of tall, elegant buildings, and well-decorated pavilions. It revealed endless wealth and power owned by the prime minister.

As they entered the mansion, Samuel asked Belle to find suitable rooms for Austin and the queen. He also ordered a nearby servant to provide them with new clothes and sumptuous food.

Belle followed her father's order and led the two guests in to a hallway covered with gold. Soon, they arrived at a quiet and secluded yard.

Hidden inside the yard was an enormous building. It looked elegant from the outside. Austin looked around and saw wild flowers of different colors. Bright green grasses as tall as him. It filled the air with fragrance. It was the perfect place to rest, and they wanted to live there forever.

Both Austin and Caroline felt safe as they walked along a pathway, covered with all kinds of colored stones. It led into another hallway where each of them was assigned a room.

"By the way, the Martial Arts Tournament will be held in the Solamnia Kingdom in ten days. Are you interested?"

Belle suddenly asked.

"Martial Arts Tournament? Kid, I strongly advise you to join and compete in the tournament."

The Flame Emperor's voice echoed inside Austin's Soul Sea before he could make any reply.

"Um, why should I do that?"

Austin was confused by the Flame Emperor's request. He eagerly asked him in his Soul Sea.

"It's a famous tradition in the East Mainland. Every ten years the Martial Arts Tournament will be held in every country.

All teenagers under the age of 25 can join to show off their talent and skills.

At the tournament, all sects, both large and small, including the three holy lands, will send representatives to watch.

They will keep an eye on gifted teenagers they see at the tournament, and they will try to recruit them.

After all, all sects

are powerful enough to enter the Land of Life-and-death?"

Austin asked. He doubted the information given by the Flame Emperor.

"You're right. That's why I once told you it would be very difficult and dangerous to get my human body back.

Forget it. You need to focus on regaining your strength before you think about doing other things. And don't even think about doing something behind my back. You know I can sense your thoughts and actions.

Once you have reached the Divine Bridge Realm, that's the time you can think about going to the Land of Life-and-death and helping me get the Reincarnate Lotus.

I lost my human body and became a wisp of broken soul for more than one thousand years. Surely, I can wait a few more days, or years,"

said the Flame Emperor, as he tried to convince himself that it was still possible to get his human body back.

It was still a long way before Austin could become a Divine Bridge Realm warrior. He still had to go through so much training and develop his skills and power. The Flame Emperor could not rush Austin and force him to achieve it overnight.

"Buddy, don't worry. Set your mind at ease. Soon, I will become a Divine Bridge Realm warrior.

I promise, I won't make you wait another thousand years!"

Austin assured his friend. It was the most he could do at this point.

"Ha-ha! Of course, I trust you! That's why I chose you in the first place. It's your gift that convinced me to place my hope in you.

OK, so let's drop this for now.

Remember, you have ten days to prepare for the tournament.

Perform well and aim to impress the sects. Make sure you have their attention from the start of the tournament. There's a possibility that you could enter the three holy lands,"

said the Flame Emperor.


Austin replied.

He took a deep breath and channeled all his energy to start his cultivation.

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