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   Chapter 1464 The Capital Of Solamnia Kingdom (Part Two)

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"Everyone, listen! We are going back to the capital now. Prepare everything immediately. Follow my order!" Samuel's voice echoed like a thunderclap all over the mansion.

The place became a bustling mansion as everyone began to pack up.

Just half an hour later, almost two hundred people gathered in front of the mansion. They were all warriors and servants of the Xiao Family under Samuel's leadership.

Samuel was like a ghost that turned up out of nowhere when everybody was prepared to leave.

Without further ado, he swung his arm gracefully towards the sky.

All of a sudden, a piercing sound of a bird was heard.

Then a gigantic eagle appeared in the sky. It dived downward and halted beside Samuel.

The eagle was several hundred meters high and had a beak that was sharp as knife. It looked so mighty, emitting an aura of the Bitter Sea Realm.

The tremendous demonic power that seethed and wrapped its body formed a dreadful picture.

Everyone from the Xiao Family except Samuel looked at the eagle in awe. It was undeniable that this bird was a demonic beast of the Bitter Sea Realm.

"Onto its back, all of you!" ordered Samuel.

He jumped at the back of the eagle first after he spoke.

Everyone from the Xiao Family followed suit and leaped onto the back of the eagle as well.

Without hesitation, Austin and Caroline also did the same thing.

The eagle was so gigantic that it was spacious enough to accommodate even thousands of people.

Since there were just almost two hundred of them, they were sparsely scattered at the back of the eagle.

"Let's go, my dear friend," said Samuel.

To Austin's surprise, Samuel talked to the eagle like it was his companion.

The eagle nodded its head upon

iew. Tall buildings and other kinds of architectures stretched over the horizon. They were definitely getting closer to the capital city of Solamnia Kingdom.

The walls of the capital city were made of granite stones. They looked extremely grand and magnificent. The huge and tall architectures were like black mountains that spread far and wide over the horizon. The brilliant and luxurious palaces that were erected on elevations looked like heavenly dwellings built in this mortal world. Rare types of birds were flying in the air, singing jubilant songs endlessly. Such a wonderful place would really fill someone's heart with awe.

That was the capital city of Solamnia Kingdom!

"What an amazing city! No wonder the Divine Continent has always been considered bigger and more advanced than the Prime Martial World. The Divine Continent is way much better than the Prime Martial World in every aspect. No capital city in the Prime Martial World's holy lands can compare to this one!" exclaimed Austin in astonishment as his eyes wandered around the surroundings.

He was completely stunned to see how magnificent the capital of Solamnia Kingdom was!

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