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   Chapter 1463 The Capital Of Solamnia Kingdom (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-02 05:51

Austin and Caroline followed Belle. They entered the luxurious mansion.

The gigantic mansion was very spacious. Anyone would be mesmerized by the magnificent surroundings. The beautifully landscaped garden was full of different plants, flowers and trees. There were also man-made hills and ponds on both sides of the mansion. The long corridors were full of amazing ornaments that would definitely brighten your day. This place was a paradise!

They quietly followed Belle as they walked along one of the corridors. At the end of it, they entered a room that seemed to be a study.

Inside the room was a middle-aged man dressed like a Confucian scholar. He looked wise and sophisticated, sitting on his desk as if waiting for someone to come in.

Despite his gentle appearance, the noble and solemn aura in the man's personality was undeniable. He possessed a characteristic that only belonged to those who were in the highest rank. His eyes sparkled an awe-inspiring glint.

"Where have you been, Belle? Have you any idea how much I've been worried about you? You just disappeared all of a sudden!" said the man immediately when he recognized his visitor.

"You just took off without even leaving me a note! I've even sent a lot of servants to find you but they all failed."

The man stood from his desk and continued, "Come. Pack you things and get ready. We're heading back to the capital. We don't have much time left. You will tell me everything later, on our way home."

There was a trace of anger in his voice.

This middle-aged man was Samuel Xiao, Belle's father.

"Dad, do we really need to go back in such a hurry?" Belle started to complain.

"What about the Dragon Immortal's mansion? We came all the way here for it! Are you just going to leave without exploring it?" added B

eir experience earlier, Austin and Caroline knew that Samuel could kill them for a split second if he wanted to.

"I must repay your kindness in saving my daughter, so please come with us to the capital of Solamnia Kingdom." Samuel offered his invitation.

After Belle explained everything that happened in the Black-wind Beast World, Samuel's attitude towards them had changed.

The fierce look was gone. His face showed a friendly expression and his words sounded amiable.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you all the way to the capital," assured Samuel.

He owed his daughter's life from this man, so he should treat them well.

"Thank you very much for the offer, sir. It will be our pleasure to go with you if we won't cause you any troubles." Austin accepted the offer because he felt that Samuel was sincere.

He was glad that the man didn't see them as enemies anymore.

After all, who would want to be an enemy to such a powerful man? He even felt honored that a capable warrior like Samuel was treating him in a polite and amiable manner.

"All right, let's set out immediately. We need to go back to the capital as soon as possible," said Samuel as he led them out of the study.

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