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   Chapter 1462 It's Him

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Austin turned his head and saw Belle. "Surprised to see you, Belle. Aren't you supposed to be in the Black-wind Beast World? When did you get out?"

he asked in surprise.

"The Black-wind Beast World was locked down by the people of the three Holy Lands and the three honored clans. As a rule, martial artists under the Divine Bridge Realm are only allowed to get out but we're prevented from going back in.

The place was absolutely exclusive now. Only the masters of the Minor-perfection Realm and those who have a higher level of powers may set foot in that world.

People like me, whom they considered as faint of heart, has all been driven out,"

Belle said as she sighed in resentment.

"How could they be so arrogant

to forbid you to enter the Black-wind Beast World!"

Austin replied, after hearing Belle's words. He shook his head in annoyance and was thinking of something smart to say when Belle started to explain.

"I guess, that's how it works!" Belle said as she shrugged her shoulders. "The world belongs only to the strong, and they are the masters, and they give the rules. Who would dare say no to them?"

Belle replied bitterly. Her shoulder slumped from the weight of her pain.

Austin could not argue with her. She was right. Anywhere they went, strength ruled. The one who had the most strength had the final say. Only the strong were allowed to govern. The weak were considered dust in the wind. They meant nothing to anyone. They had no status or even the right to speak.

"Forget it. How about you coming back to the Xiao Clan with me?

From what I know, the Liu Clan has sent out some masters to search for you.

Rodolfo was a strong master of the Divine Bridge Realm. He must have kept your appearance and the aura of your spiritual soul in his mind when you demolished his spiritual soul mark.

If that is the case, it means they could still sense you according to the aura of your spiritual soul! You're in great danger. The master of the Divine Bridge Realm will continue to trail you. They will not stop until they have captured you again.

As long as you are still within the scope of the Solamnia Kingdom, your life is at stake," Belle ranted.

"And I've already told my dad about this. He promised to keep you safe,"

Belle told him the last sentence with her spiritual sense. She was trying to be careful.

She knew if she spoke it out, her words might reach the ears of the Liu Clan's masters.

Rodolfo was the supreme grand marshal of the Solamnia Kingdom. He owned a great deal of power and had eyes and ears everywhere. She looked around, suddenly worried that somebody was watching her and Austin.

"I agree with her. Now you're in great danger, Austin.

You'd better go with her."

e suddenly stopped and faced Ladd. Her face showed courage and determination.

After making sure that Ladd had nothing more to say to her, Belle nodded her head towards Austin and Caroline. They all continued to move forward and gradually disappeared at the end of the street.

"That guy who was behind Belle. He looked familiar," an attendant that stood next to Ladd blurted out.

He then pulled out a jade slip, and a stream of light began to flow out as he activated the device.

The light floated into the air and started to form a shape. It was a figure of what seemed to be a man. It was Austin.

"Yes! That's him!

Master Ladd, I remember! That guy murdered your brother. He was the one who killed Master Rogan!"

The attendant became hysterical and pointed his finger to the formed figure that was still floating in the air.

Hearing this, Ladd's face darkened at once. He was so angry that his eyes blazed with fury.

"Hurry! Go after them!"

Determined, Ladd moved and chased after Austin and his companions.

He followed their tracks and soon he caught up with Austin and the two girls.

By the moment he caught up with them, he saw them walking into a luxurious mansion being led by Belle.

Ladd stopped and gestured his men to stop as well.

"Master Ladd, why are we stopping?"

an attendant asked.

"Samuel is in there. Even if we follow them we still can't do anything to them. He will definitely intervene.

The Xiao Clan will not escape responsibility for my brother's death. But it will have to wait for now.

Let's go. I will go back and tell my grandfather about this. He will definitely avenge my brother's death,"

Ladd said, as he stared at the mansion for the last time. He clenched his fist as he mastered enough strength not to storm off and attack Austin inside Samuel's house.

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