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   Chapter 1460 The Omnipotent Gas (Part Two)

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"So I've made it? This is the Omnipotent Pot?" Austin murmured with disbelief. He stared at his work with proud eyes.

Again, he had totally ignored the Flame Emperor who had been fussing from the first day he started forging the pot in his Soul Sea. Instead, he smiled with relief and felt relaxed for the first time in days.

"Alright then, next I shall carve it onto the Omnipotent Pot as my mark," Austin said to himself with anticipation.

Even though he was already tired at the moment, he just couldn't wait to finish forging the pot. He pushed his mind once more and controlled the pot of spiritual sense to move towards its new residence.


The ancient pot mark rushed out of Austin's Soul Sea at a great speed. It cut through his elixir field and dived into the Omnipotent Pot in there.

Then, Austin started a nearly eight hours' work to engrave the pot mark onto the Omnipotent Pot. His success in the previous process sparked his determination to continue another difficult task.

Like always, once he had marked the treasure, he felt that some kind of connection was built between them.

Even though the connection was still weak, he found himself able to control the Omnipotent Pot in some ways.

That was enough to make him more excited. He kept thinking that this pot he had been forging was the most valued treasure in history. So anyone would think that it would be unrealistic that one could have full control of it at the first try. Austin still needed more practice to understand it better in the future.

"The Omnipotent Gas is one of the very sources of all the energy in heaven and earth. It had long existed even before the creation of the world..."

Just when he was relishing the success, a piece of information appeared in his mind. It came flashing right after he had forged the Omnipotent Pot.

Austin blinked a few times, trying to process the information. He was surprised

with such a small grain of this Omnipotent Gas?"

Austin asked himself with a wry smile. He then looked at the Omnipotent Gas which was too small to pick up again if you dropped it to the ground accidentally. It was too small to spot.

He squinted and studied the yellow bean of gas with a frown. He could feel pure and strong spiritual sense inside it, and its whole body was shining like a star. Without a doubt, it was of good quality despite the overly small size it had.

"I might as well give it a try. Who knows, it may surprise me again," Austin shrugged as he said encouragingly. Anyway, it would be a waste of time and energy if he just threw it away.

"Let's see…what kind of weapon shall I make this time, using such little resource?"

He pondered for quite a while, and then a good idea came flashing to his mind.

"I think another ancient pot would do!"

He was now well acquainted with pots. They were like an old friend to him after he had spent the past dozen days with one. In forging that ancient pot with his spiritual sense, he had grown familiar with the shape and structure of a pot, to the extent that he could proclaim himself a pot casting master.

Without any more hesitations, he slumped down the ground eagerly to do another round of forging.

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